Bosch In'genius vacuum cleaner: record of silence

Bosch In'genius vacuum cleaner: record of silence

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The new Bosch vacuum cleaner is one of the quietest products on the appliance market. The engineers of the German brand have mobilized all their energy to create a tool that is comfortable to handle and pleasant to listen to.

Very low noise

Bosch says: "the Bosch In'genius bagged vacuum cleaner offers a sound level never seen before! Only 59 decibels while the average noise level of a bagged vacuum cleaner is 71 decibels! Knowing that a drop of 3 decibels is equivalent to reducing noise A half ". It seems to be the innovation of the century and it has been successful thanks in particular to the Quattro Power technology; a combination of a motor made up of several layers of sound insulation, optimized accessories, a silent brush and a hermetic design of the vacuum cleaner to avoid any loss of air. Basically, Bosch has focused on consumer comfort by working on the deafening noise of traditional vacuum cleaners. With In'genius, you no longer have to plug your ears or raise the level of the television, you hear almost nothing.

A good note in energy

Bosch continues to collect good points since this new In'genius vacuum cleaner has "low energy consumption and dust emission". It doesn't mean much to you, but in a few words it means that the vacuum cleaner does not consume much and produces clean air at the outlet (which is great, we can imagine!). With its Hepa filter, the vacuum cleaner is also perfect for people suffering from allergies, asthma or people with pets, because this filter will retain the microparticles of dust. Everything has been thought of to make your life easier!

A bunch of accessories

Ultra practical, this vacuum cleaner has a range of 15 meters, the largest on the market! You can now vacuum large areas without having to disconnect and reconnect the electrical outlet each time you move. Even if of course Bosch has not forgotten the automatic cord winder which also simplifies the work. In addition, In'genius comes with two brushes for vacuuming on all types of floors: a double position brush for carpets, rugs and a parquet brush with 100% natural bristles to take care of fragile floors. Its 4 multidirectional 360 degree casters give you freedom of movement and optimal handling. You will no longer damage your furniture and sofas thanks to the ultra-absorbent bumper system (fitted with an integrated air cushion) which allows to absorb and protect obstacles encountered.
Bosch vacuum cleaner, GL-80 In'genius BGL8SIL59D (Price: 299.99 euros) and GL-80 In'genius BGL8PERF4 (Price: 349.99 euros) Exists only in black. Bag capacity: 5 liters Weight: 6 kg.