Garden: learn how to take care of the garden in spring, simple advice

Garden: learn how to take care of the garden in spring, simple advice

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Thanks to the advice of experts from the Plant Clinic, learn the good gestures of the gardener. Today, Arnaud explains how to take care of your garden in the spring. Follow his analysis and recommendations, on video.

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Make the seeds

Spring is the sowing season. But before receiving the seeds, the soil must have been prepared. Dig using a spade or a tiller. This will allow you to easily eliminate weeds and aerate the soil to promote the development of your crops. Be sure to follow the sowing technique specific to each species of seed. Some must be arranged in a line, like carrots, others in pockets, like beans. Some can be placed underground without protection, such as cabbage, while others require the presence of a greenhouse, such as tomatoes, or must be potted. Regular watering will allow these seeds to develop. Also take advantage of spring to plant the bulbs of your ornamental plants.

What to plant in spring?

There are many spring vegetable seeds: cabbage, cucumber, zucchini, beans, melon, corn, turnip, onion, potato, salad, radish ... You can also plant some bulbs of ornamental plants, such as gladiolus or anemone.