I renovate my garden furniture instead of changing it

I renovate my garden furniture instead of changing it

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Is your garden furniture starting to feel the weight of the years? It must be said that bad weather and the harsh sun do not make it easy! So that you don't have to buy a new salon every two years, you can give it a facelift for almost nothing. Here are some practical solutions and a selection of products to restore your garden furniture to its original appearance.

I renovate my plastic garden furniture

Has your plastic garden furniture lost its splendor? Do not panic, you will be able to revive it thanks to products designed specifically for them. The specialist in the matter is Julien, who offers technical paints suitable for the renovation and decoration of rigid plastic elements. Applicable directly on the material and without any preparation, this paint is resistant to weathering and UV. If painting doesn't appeal to you, you can also turn to a plastic garden furniture renovator. Available in the form of a spray, it can easily be applied to your PVC outdoor tables and chairs.

I give my iron garden furniture a facelift

With the rain, the iron garden furniture tends to deteriorate quickly and especially to rust! To remedy the problem, turn to anti-corrosion paints concentrated in anti-UV pigments for high color durability. The plus: they apply directly to furniture stained with rust!

Wooden garden furniture: how to renovate it?

Sun and rain change the original colors of your wooden garden furniture in the long run. The first solution available to you to counter this inconvenience: protective oil. At Bondex, you find a non-greasy product based on natural water-repellent oils that restore shine and light to your wood while protecting it from external aggressions. Second solution: opt for special wood paint. Imagined in many colors, it will give your wooden garden tables and chairs a new look.
1. Bondex teak oil, € 15.20 at Brico Dépôt / 2. Direct iron paint on rust, € 76.95 at Castorama / 3. Scouring paste, € 26.95 at H2O At Home / 4 The special garden furniture renovator, € 9.95 at Castorama / 5. The exterior iron paint 3V3, € 44.90 at Leroy Merlin / 6. The special B-Resist wood paint, € 30.10 at Mr.Bricolage / 7. Polywood all-in-one, € 24.90 at Alice's Garden / 8. Plastic paint Julien, € 23.90 at Castorama