Tips: how to get rid of mites?

Tips: how to get rid of mites?

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Originally, simple little butterflies that live in the wild in the surrounding lime trees. But mites, there are multiple species. And some are not reluctant to settle in our precious homes. Here are some tips from grandmother to get rid of these junk that affect our wardrobes and our closets.

Tip 1: bet on Mother Nature

Mites, like many insects and parasites, do not support certain natural odors. So do not hesitate to drop a few drops of thyme, lavender or eucalyptus essential oil (found in organic stores or pharmacies) on a handkerchief or pebbles that you will have in your clothes drawers. In addition to keeping moths away, you will scent your clothes with a delicate smell.

Tip n ° 2: bet on the treasures of your kitchen

The kitchen, this treasure chest saturated with grandmother's tricks against mites. Open the cupboards and arm yourself with the bay leaves used for good meals and arrange the leaves in your cupboard. No bay laurel? No matter, the dry skin of lemons - or even cloves - is an excellent repellent against mites. Ingredients that are easier to find in the supermarket.

Tip 3: think of soaps

In addition to being famous for its many cosmetic virtues, Aleppo soap (from 4 euros in stores or drugstores) is known to protect clothes from moths, like Marseille soap. For a formidable protection against mites, sprinkle your shelves and drawers with a few pieces of soap.

More simple tips

Did you know that pencil shavings scare away moths? Gather some chips in a small bag that you can put in your clothes shelves. Naphthaline sachets also remain a safe bet.