Before / After: Dressing up a tiled terrace with exotic wood

Before / After: Dressing up a tiled terrace with exotic wood

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It is in Brindas, in the suburbs of Lyon that we take you to visit a terrace transformed by the builder of wooden houses and extensions, Casaboa. The wish of the owners? Give a facelift to their large terrace and 240 m² swimming pool beach and make it an oasis of green where it is good to rest, eat or play sports! Successful bet ! We open the doors to this exceptional site! Area: 240 m² Budget: Approximately € 55,000 including tax

A small tropical paradise around a pool

Before: The owners are no longer satisfied with their garden and would like to create an exotic, exotic and friendly atmosphere. The constraint: the tiles that crack, peel off and burn the feet when the sun comes up. It's time to transform this tired and not very functional space into a small green paradise!

After: The terrace and the original swimming pool beach have been enhanced by an exotic wood cladding without removing the existing tiles. Non-slip, it now offers optimal safety and comfort to swimmers who can enjoy the pool at all times. To facilitate access to the pool, a custom-made wooden staircase has been created.

A very inspired luxuriance

After: With its warm and authentic style, exotic wood now gives holiday air to the outdoor space and enhances the pool in its natural environment. The plants that surround it give us a vague impression of wild and abundant nature. With its finely chiseled geometric lines, the garden is firmly in the 21st century and that is what we like! To give character to the basin, a rock has been installed. Chosen in light colors, it blends harmoniously with the stone borders. And, to illuminate the garden after dark, Casaboa has imagined lighting with the integration of spotlights. The result is edifying!
Casaboa, builder of houses and extensions