6 tips to keep your house clean longer

6 tips to keep your house clean longer

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Let's be honest. Few people really like to clean up. We all appreciate, however, having a clean, welcoming and comfortable home. How do you keep it as long as possible without spending hours cleaning it every week? If you take the time, once a month, to thoroughly clean your home, here are some tips that will help you keep your home clean.

Tip # 1: store and clean as you go

The main thing is to take good habits to save yourself from the accumulated dirt. When you have just cooked, take the time to wipe your countertop and your plates with a sponge. After each meal, clean and dry dirty dishes or just put them in the dishwasher. Avoid reproducing the image above at all costs. So many household chores that will prevent dust from settling on your things.

Tip # 2: dust regularly

Small dirt and dust are the biggest sources of soiling. To maintain your interior, take 15 minutes once a week to dust with a feather duster and then vacuum all of your floors. If your home is very large, do not do all the pieces at once but divide your house into several parts. Dust and vacuum a part every day.

Tip # 3: don't wait for dirty laundry to pile up

Rather than doing all your laundry in one day each week, run one as soon as you have enough dirty laundry. In the process, fold, iron if necessary, and store the clean linen. The principle is in fact always the same: each housework done as you go allows you to spread out the chores over time and avoid unnecessary accumulation of objects in the house.

Tip N ° 4: brush your pets regularly

Cats and dogs have a strong tendency to lose their hair, which then adds to the dust. To prevent your home from getting overgrown too quickly, consider brushing your cat and dog regularly. It will lose less hair and your home won't get dirty too quickly.

Tip N ° 5: regularly maintain your sanitary facilities

Toilets and bathrooms, because you use them daily, get dirty faster than other rooms in the house. After each use, remember to rinse sinks and showers with hot water to prevent soap residues from settling. Little tip: to keep your shower screen and your wall tiles clean longer, coat them with car wax.

Tip N ° 6: put away

Remember this: a tidy house always looks cleaner. The more you let everyday things pile up, the less clean and healthy your interior will look. So remember to put away a magazine after reading it, make your bed in the morning, fold and put away the clean linen.