The same for less: a gas cooking piano

The same for less: a gas cooking piano

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Retro, high tech, colorful, steel, the cooking piano has taken up its quarters in the kitchen. Emblematic of a certain art of living, these cookers represent the haute couture of cooking and household appliances. If some are afraid that it will take up too much space, we will stop you right away! Today there are models of all sizes. Today, spotlight on gas cooking pianos with contemporary lines. Like a professional, adopt a gas cooking piano in your kitchen. Thanks to very reactive lights, cooking is simple and precise. Ideal for concocting good meals for the whole family without missing a beat! Fancy a contemporary, traditional or professional design stove? It's possible ! Today, aesthetics is an essential criterion and manufacturers have understood this. The models are available in different colors and finishes and can be adapted to different surfaces. Our favorite on the side of modern models: the Siemens cooking piano made of steel and with a black glass door. Only problem ... its price which exceeds 1000 euros. If this model has also caught your eye but you do not have the sufficient budget, rest assured! The editorial team found a model that looks very similar to it at Beko for less than 600 euros. Good shopping !

The Siemens cooking piano at Electro10count at € 1,179 / The Gaz Beko piano at Villatech at € 624