The picnic basket on the test bench

The picnic basket on the test bench

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From the wicker picnic case to the cooler bag, there are many ways to picnic. Overview of the most decorative basket models so that each outdoor meal is a success! Backpacker, ultra practical, traditional, light, design, the picnic basket today takes all forms and pleases in all styles. For an improvised picnic at the exit of the supermarket, bet on the insulated bags. If some are presented as simple bags with a very decorative lining, others on the contrary play the card of practicality in every corner. Ideal for keeping your food fresh for several hours. If you prefer the authenticity of old picnics, it is the wicker models that will make you fall in love. Case style, half moon, or even with a lid that opens in two, lovers will love it! (Especially the baskets that dared the total look with a red and white Vichy fabric inside!). You can also play it design by adopting plastic baskets composed of several compartments allowing you to store everything in an organized way. Finally, note that some woven baskets have mixed retro lines and contemporary concept with plates that serve as a cover and a cotton strap to carry everything.
1. the Guinguette picnic bag, € 19.90 at Delamaison / 2. The I Perfetti basket for picnics, € 53 at Made in design / 3. The insulated picnic basket, € 49.90 at Orange Marine / 4. The half moon picnic basket, € 119 at La Redoute / 5. The Multi Basket Menu picnic basket, € 119 at Uaredesign / 6. The whitened wicker picnic basket NINON, € 99.99 at Maisons du Monde / 7. The Bistrot picnic basket, € 85 at Absolument Design Need a new garden bench? Compare the offers of hundreds of gardening and decoration merchants on our price comparison!


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