Before / After: Three styles for a master bedroom

Before / After: Three styles for a master bedroom

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Like fashion, decoration is a story of styles, humor and trends. Over the years, we have transformed our interior in the same way as our wardrobe! We followed the decorative path of a follower of renovation: Alison Allen, young mother from Minneapolis, posted on her blog the different moults of her room, operated between 2009 and 2015. Bold and daring biases, which took place in three very distinct phases: a first arrangement with vintage influences, a transformation tinged with ethnic style and finally, a reinterpretation of the Scandinavian style. Three styles, three atmospheres, and always a lot of creativity!

Illuminate the room

Before : When Alison and her husband bought this old house in 2009, everything had to be redone on the decor side. The young parents initially decide to devote their renovation budget to the common rooms (living room, kitchen and bathroom), contenting themselves with refurbishing the master bedroom with more sober furniture. The walls in white and pastel blue colors are left as they are, the bed has a new look with new sheets covered with pretty quilts, and two retro bedside tables complete the set. This slightly vintage atmosphere is pleasant but does not really catch the eye.
Once the main rooms are redone, Alison performs a first transformation of the master bedroom: the paneled wall is adorned with a new dark brown shade, while the rest of the room is painted white. Exit pastel tones, make way for yellow and chocolate color! A white library awakens the dark wall at the back of the room, whose atypical architecture offers many possibilities for development. The lemon yellow bedside lamp brings pep to the sleeping area and contrasts nicely with the sheets with ethnic prints.
After : Radical change in the parental bedroom! After several days of work, the piece adopts a new more sober and feminine style. All the walls are now immaculate, except the old paneled wall on which Alison has laid a floral wallpaper. The latter acts as a headboard while personalizing the space devoted to rest. A chest of drawers has been installed at the foot of the bed, framed by two pretty rounded bedside tables and repainted in white. The whole, bathed in light, invites you to rest and relax.

Details review

Before : The room is furnished in a very classic way, and is sorely lacking in personality despite its retro touch. The armchair and the XXL table are not adapted to the size of the room and visually clutter up the space.
Apart from the walls that have turned white, the layout of the master bedroom was not really changed during the second makeover. The storage is insufficient, and the decoration remains bland and without personality.
After : Make way for the brightness and Scandinavian style! Alison has completely redesigned the layout of the room, which now adopts a much softer and feminine atmosphere. The row has given way to a large designer chest of drawers, much more practical for storing clothes. The couple also installed a tailor-made bookcase above the radiator, and thus offers additional storage space. To personalize her room, Alison has multiplied the little refined touches such as antique mirrors, trinkets or even plants, to make this space as intimate as it is cozy.