Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I clean the chairs and the living room floor

Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I clean the chairs and the living room floor

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Penultimate day devoted to the living room room. Between the decluttering, the cleaning of the carpet and the sofa, I have the impression of finding a totally new space. The last really important piece of furniture in the living room is the table we eat on a daily basis. I also need to take care of my chairs, whose seat in Alcantara-type fabric is worn. Finally I will end up washing my floor with a somewhat special product.

Clean your table

As the table top is varnished, it does not suffer from any scratches or stains. I just have to pass a microfiber cloth on top for its maintenance. Since it is also in this challenge to maintain the least visible parts, I take this opportunity to pass the microfiber on the feet but also the underside of the table. I still have a big problem to deal with. Over time, my wooden tray cracked and the crumbs of meals get stuck in the holes. When I use my vacuum cleaner, the suction force is not large enough for the space to be really clean. So I used a hair dryer: rather than vacuuming, I blow!

Clean chairs

As I said, my chairs have an alcantara seat (a faux suede) unfortunately stained over the years. I discovered on an American that you could clean this fabric with isopropyl alcohol. However this kind of alcohol seems to be more commonly used in the USA After some research, I understand that this isopropyl alcohol corresponds in our country to alcohol at 70 ° C and I end up finding it in a parapharmacy . To clean my seats, I pour the alcohol into a sprayer and then I sprinkle the product on the fabric of the chair. Finally, rub with a scraper sponge. The alcohol dissolves in the open air, so there is no need to rinse afterwards. Thanks to this method, I managed to remove most of the stains.

Clean your floor

We start with the essential vacuum cleaner: we vacuum the whole room, remembering to move the places that can accumulate dust and we stoop (even if it's hard) to reach the most remote corners, like the under the sofa I try a particular method that I found on American sites. The idea is to clean the floor with black tea because the tannin would clean and shine the parquet. You have to brew three sachets of black tea in a liter of boiling water. When the water becomes lukewarm, you can pour it into a bucket. Then use this water to wash your parquet without flooding it because the wood fears excess water. No need to rinse, your parquet regains shine and a revealed color.

What you must remember

The new methods are to be tried. Feel free to search the net for alternative cleaning solutions. As not all methods are created equal, first do a test on an invisible part to avoid disappointment. Monday we will finish the living room with the windows then we will attack the home straight all week with the children's rooms. I know in advance that it is not an easy task!