What litter to make your cat happy?

What litter to make your cat happy?

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Whether they have free access to the outside or not, it is imperative to provide cats with a litter box. What type of bin to favor? Which litter to choose? How to maintain this space? To answer these questions, we contacted the Maxi Zoo pet store located at the gates of Angers. Sidonie, who manages the cat department, took the time to answer us and provide us with lots of advice to ensure the well-being of our felines.

What type of litter box should be favored?

If you want to keep your cat comfortable, choose the open litter box. So your pet will be able to observe the environment, analyze possible dangers and be reassured. The closed litter box is more comfortable for us because it limits odors and hides the cat's natural needs.

Which litter to choose?

In shops or pet stores, you will have the choice between many litter boxes. There are plant litter, mineral litter and clumping litter. I advise you to opt more the finer. It will be more pleasant to your cat's pads which will encourage him to use the litter box. Aside from this setting, all litter boxes have advantages. Clumping litter is easy to maintain, mineral litter effectively limits odors and plant litter is organic.

And for the outdoors, what do you recommend?

If your cat can go outside, in the garden, it should be made available a corner with fine earth or sand. Otherwise, it is in your flower beds that he will relieve himself!

How is a cat litter cared for?

The litters are maintained on a daily basis. They must be emptied of excrement every day. It is also necessary to change the litter completely once a week if your cat goes out and twice if it is an indoor cat. For cleaning, do not hesitate to use bleach. This product disinfects perfectly and leaves an odor of ammonia close to that of cat urine. Your pet will therefore not be disturbed.

Can we use air fresheners or protective bags?

The cat prefers odorless litters so scents are not recommended. It's more comfort for us. On the other hand, the bags do not pose any problem since they are covered with litter.

Where to place the litter?

Your cat's litter box should be kept calm. Avoid places of passage. It should also be kept away from your cat's basket and bowls for reasons of hygiene and comfort.