DIY kids: make cute tassel bunny garlands

DIY kids: make cute tassel bunny garlands

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Here are cute rabbits that can hang everywhere in your children's room to beautifully decorate their little world. You will be able to use them in garlands, in mobiles, in simple suspensions and to decline them in size, and in colors… And of course, the children will be able to have fun making these nice decorations themselves! Besides, the little white ermine presents a rabbit model here, but you can just as easily let your children choose their favorite animal and decline it in the same way ... In short, enough to let their imagination speak ... and what is have a good time carefully making these little cute fur balls! If you or your children do not want to draw your own characters, you can use the template of the rabbit model that the little ermine offers you here, otherwise… with your pencils!


- thick Canson or Bristol paper - enough to draw and color - a compass or round containers (of the diameter that suits you) whose outline you will draw (for the animal's body) - a pair of scissors - wool - a large needle


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