Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I clean the bedding in the children's room

Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I clean the bedding in the children's room

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Now that the children's room is normally well-cluttered, let's move on to a thorough cleaning. The bedroom's strategic position is the bed: the summer period is the perfect time to refresh it. Today the challenge will therefore be to put your own duvets, pillows and mattresses in the children's room. For this, you will need two essential things: a washing machine and lots of sun!

Machine wash comforters and pillows

We start by ventilating the rooms, which normally must be done every day. We completely “undress” her bed. The mattress cover is also removed if the bed is protected as well as the pillow protection. We start by reading the washing instructions for all textiles. In my case, I have a draw sheet that can be washed up to 95 ° C, a duvet and a pillow protector at 60 ° C and a pillow at 45 ° C. I decide to put everything in the machine except the pillow at 60 ° C. Finally I add in the softening tank a glass of hot water in which I dissolved two tablespoons of soda crystals. If the bed has to be occupied the same evening, I recommend starting the challenge in the morning so that everything has time to dry. We're lucky because with the heat wave, the drying stage will be quick (let's see the bright side). Take out the duvets and pillows at the end of the cycle so that there are no bad smells. If the weather is good, we take the opportunity to put them in the open air.

How to clean your mattress?

Even with a draw sheet, one of my kids' mattresses had a large stain. I chose to use soda crystals to at least try to attenuate the halo. To use the soda crystals, protect yourself with household gloves. Start by mixing in a salad bowl 3 tablespoons of soda crystals with very hot water. When the mixture is dissolved, take a microfiber towel that you will soak in your solution. You just have to rub your mattress having taken care to put it on the edge (you will have less back pain and your mixture of water and crystals will remain more on the surface). Clean the entire mattress and not just the stain otherwise a halo will appear. When the entire surface of the mattress is cleaned, you can rinse with a damp and wrung out washcloth. Then you will have to dry your mattress either with a hair dryer or by leaving it in the sun all day. I admit that the spot is not completely gone but it has considerably diminished and above all there are no more traces of aureole which was really ugly.

Lessons to be learned

Use mattress covers and pillowcases. Some may be reluctant to use mattress pads because they remember unpleasant protections when lying in bed. Today the mattress pads are no longer uncomfortable and it would be a shame to do without them. I even recommend having duplicates so that you can reverse when you need to clean. The pillowcases are also very practical to best protect your pillows: they keep the pillow clean and its shape. Choose a sunny day and start in the morning. The coincidence of the calendar wants this challenge to be done in the middle of the week but it is better to do it on a day of rest so that you can quickly put the pillows, mattresses and pillows to dry. This is why a hot day like today is perfect especially when, like me, you don't have a dryer!