Before / After: Reorganize the spaces to enlarge the living room

Before / After: Reorganize the spaces to enlarge the living room

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Living in a small area often involves optimizing the square meters, which are essential for the premises to function properly. In this Parisian duplex in the 4th arrondissement, the architect Gali Sulukjian had the good idea to change the location of certain key rooms (kitchen, bathroom), in order to redistribute the spaces for the benefit of the living room: larger, brighter , the latter has regained its true function of main room. Follow the steps of a successful transformation step by step!

Redistribution of different spaces

Before : An airlock adjoining the entrance serves both as a corridor to access the kitchen and as a multifunctional cupboard, while sheltering the stairs leading upstairs. This small room with no real waste function of precious square meters and has no real use for the owners. The kitchen, located behind this airlock, is far too imposing for an apartment of 30 m2: it is therefore necessary to review its proportions downwards in order to balance the surfaces in favor of the living room and the bathroom. The latter, blind and dilapidated, encroaches on the living room which stretches only 2.90 m wide. Reorganization work must be considered in order to give this atypical duplex all the functionality it deserves! The project
After studying the configuration of the premises, the architect Gali Sulukjian opted for three key stages: - Removal of the airlock in favor of a semi-open kitchen on the living room - Extension of the main room - Migration from the bathroom to the location the old kitchen
After : The entrance now opens onto the living room, the surface of which has increased significantly thanks to the removal of the adjoining bathroom. In terms of decoration, the old 80s-style tiling has given way to a beautiful light oak parquet floor. The volumes are elegantly highlighted by the beams supporting the ceiling, whitewashed to provide additional light. The architect also created two practical and discreet bookcases, as well as storage on the entrance side: the owners now have enough to store their personal effects without encroaching on the surface of the living room!

A designer and functional kitchen

Before : The surface of the kitchen is too large compared to the size of the apartment. With its obsolete furniture and its splashback in faded orange mosaic, the room deserves a good refreshment!
After : In agreement with the owners, the architect chose to move the kitchen to the place where the airlock once stood. The space dedicated to meals, smaller and better organized, is now the link between the living room and the bathroom. A large bookshelf makes it possible to separate the kitchen from the living room without partitioning it: a clever approach that lets the light from the living room filter through and facilitates exchanges with the guests.

A bathroom open to the outside

Before : The bathroom adjoining the living room is blind and tiny: with its unique basin and its aging shower, it is far from being comfortable for the occupants of the apartment! Adjoining the WC that overlooks the entrance, the bathroom encroaches on the living room. In order to avoid humidity problems and benefit from natural light, the owners would like an opening to the outside and more space to move around easily. After : Gali Sulukjian opts for the integration of the bathroom into the location of the old kitchen: an ingenious solution which not only makes it possible to enlarge the living room, but also to benefit from a larger toilet space. However, this transformation requires the diversion of the pipes dedicated to wastewater, located at the entrance. The young woman therefore decides to create a small platform under which will be integrated the pipes to the old kitchen. Surprising detail, the step that finalizes the platform is actually a concrete border used for roads: a design diversion that fits perfectly with the atypical style of the apartment! The new bathroom, soberly dressed in gray, finally benefits from a beautiful natural light thanks to its window opening onto the courtyard. In terms of decoration, the architect chose medium-sized elements with a very refined look: the room finally breathes and gains in functionality! Gali Sulukjian Architect DPLG //