Before / After: Create an impression of space in a 19 m2 studio

Before / After: Create an impression of space in a 19 m2 studio

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To gain space in his apartment while taking care of its decoration, the owner of this small studio of 19 m² located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris dreamed of it. He called on the architect Charlotte Soissons-Lenormand and the interior designer Valérie Laporte-Volatier to imagine a functional, comfortable and airy living space. The result: a small space that has nothing to envy to large apartments. Area:19 m² Budget: Works: 40,000 euros HT - Mission: 15% HT of the amount of works - Furniture and decoration: 3,500 euros

Clear the past

Before: Upon arrival of the new owner, the apartment is in a deplorable state. Between a dilapidated skeleton of a building, completely partitioned dark rooms, faded painting and wall splashbacks, tiling from another age and joints blackened by time ... a refresh and a reconfiguration of space is essential!

Let there be light !

After: To virtually increase the volumes, give a new perspective to the apartment and amplify the light, the team decides to open up the space. A judicious idea which made it possible to create a vast stay and to recover in this one the three beautiful windows, formerly located in the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom. Now reconfigured, the apartment consists of a large living room with integrated kitchen and a more comfortable bathroom. To respond to the problem of light, the team also created an interior window in the small 3 m² bathroom. Now, the light circulates and allows the owner to take advantage of the natural light in each room. Particularly suitable in small spaces, a false ceiling with recessed spotlights has also been installed. Finally, a dimmer allows you to change the light according to the desired moods.

Adapted furniture

After: To save precious square meters in the apartment and thus optimize space, the agency opted for an integrated, very functional kitchen, and imagined custom-made cupboards for storing household products and shoes. In terms of decoration, the team favored built-in, modular and / or multifunctional furniture. This is evidenced by the convertible sofa, the TV cabinet on casters or the nesting tables installed in the living room. Finally, the materials, chosen for their shiny or transparent character, give a new depth to the room and thus make it possible to reinforce the feeling of space in the living room.
Charlotte Soissons-Lenormand & Valérie Laporte-Volatier, The Walls Have Ears