Tutorial: a wooden wall shelf and copper tubes

Tutorial: a wooden wall shelf and copper tubes

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Since we started playing the aspiring plumbers by creating objects with copper tubes, we have lots of ideas. Admittedly, not all of them are achievable, especially since it is ultimately difficult to see what a giant panda made of copper would serve us, but others like this wall shelf are much more realistic! Today, we are going to learn how to create a wooden wall shelf and copper tubes.


- two wooden boards 80 cm long, 20 cm wide and 2 cm thick - two wooden boards 80 cm long, 10 cm wide and 2 cm thick - a copper tube of 200 cm and 12 mm in diameter - six 90 ° elbow fittings of 12 mm in diameter - twelve female brass screw-on sleeves of 12 mm in diameter - three male / male butterfly valve valves of 12 mm in diameter - a pipe cutter which can open more than 12 mm - a tape measure - news: 739781 cutter - adhesive tape - a drill with a 12 mm diameter wood drill bit - wood screws - a screwdriver - screws with dowels to fix the shelf on the wall Budget: around 45 € Duration: 2 hours


1. Start by cutting the following pieces from the copper tube: - six pieces of 21 cm; - six 12 cm pieces.
2. After cutting the tube, prepare all the pieces for assembly. Attach an elbow fitting and a brass sleeve to the ends of the six 12 cm pieces. Then attach a brass sleeve to one end of the six 21 cm pieces. Our tip: put a piece of adhesive tape at the ends of the tubes to create more resistance and secure them well.
3. On the two 80 x 20 cm boards, mark the three locations through which the tubes will pass. Position yourself 15 cm from the edge and mark the locations in the length at 10 cm, 40 cm and then 70 cm. Drill with the 12 mm forest. Our tip: to make sure you align the holes correctly, you can drill the two boards at the same time by holding them with pliers.
4. Position each 80 x 20 cm board on an 80 x 10 cm board and draw a line in pencil.
5. Screw the two 80 x 10 cm boards from the back.
6. Take again the pieces of copper tube, then assemble two pieces of 21 cm with a butterfly valve. Repeat twice.
7. Lay the two wooden parts in parallel so that the tubes can pass through. Then pass the three copper parts assembled in the previous step through the holes in the two wooden parts. Position the valves well in the middle, then allow the tubes to protrude 10 cm above and below. Attach the six 12 cm copper parts previously assembled to the six ends.


Your shelf is now finished! All you have to do is fix it to the wall, making sure that the two wooden parts are parallel and using wall plugs. And since this year we are putting everything on copper, learn how to make pretty coat hooks in wood and copper!

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