3 tips to keep your house cool

3 tips to keep your house cool

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Summer is definitely here this year, and with it a heat wave that breaks records in France. When the heat wave rages, it is imperative to protect yourself from the sun's rays, hydrate regularly and refresh yourself as much as possible. But it is sometimes difficult to maintain a tolerable temperature in your home. Here are our tips and advice for not letting heat settle in your home!

Tip 1: Open at night and close during the day!

First advice: don't let the heat in! In fine weather, we have only one desire: to enjoy the sun that had been hidden all winter. But don't be fooled! Do not open the windows during hot hours (between 12 and 4 p.m.) and above all, avoid opening them in the morning, where the heat can quickly settle. Obviously, this is valid for all the openings of your house giving on the outside (picture window, roof window, French window, etc.). Also remember to close the shutters and pull the blinds. If this will significantly darken your household, it is essential to keep a certain freshness in your building and sleep better at night. After barricading yourself during the day, circulate the air at night! Once the sun is down, open all the windows and try (as much as possible) to create drafts.

Tip # 2: Drop the temperature

If the temperature of a room is high, it will be very difficult to bring it down. Nevertheless, there are old grandmother tricks. For example, put a bottle of water in the freezer, then place it in front of a fan. You will get a breath of fresh air that will do you the greatest good! You can also place small pots filled with water in your home, to lower the temperature a bit, or buy green plants that regulate the thermometer. Also try to decrease the use of hot plates, the oven or other electronic devices that consume a lot of energy.

Tip 3: Acquire innovative devices

If despite all these tips, you can not bring down the temperature between your walls, choose an air conditioning system. If this type of device often represents a certain investment (especially if it is automatic), it is unstoppable against hot weather. However, be careful not to abuse its use because it is energy intensive! Do not place your air conditioner in rooms where you have been idle for too long; rather install it in a kitchen for example, so as not to get sick!
Finally, watch out for thermal shock! Do not program a temperature too much lower than that of the outside. Last idea to refresh the atmosphere: choose an automated fogger that will cool your house, your terrace or even your veranda, while hydrating you!


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