Before / After: A 15 m² full of ingenuity goes from shade to light

Before / After: A 15 m² full of ingenuity goes from shade to light

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Transforming a small, dark, crowded and under-equipped Parisian apartment into a comfortable and functional place is the challenge faced by decorator Blandine Colson. Objectives: Give priority to light, optimize space and give the apartment a modern look in order to rent it, in the long term, to students! Successful bet ! Reconfigured and refined this 15 m² offers a second youth! Area: 15 m² Budget: Works 9,500 euros including tax - Furniture and decoration 3,000 euros including tax

Give priority to light

Before: Dressed in paneling, dark and particularly poorly arranged, the apartment needs to be completely overhauled. Indeed, the imposing mezzanine, the multiple shelves and the satellite furniture clutter up this already reduced space. Result: the apartment is stuffy and looks smaller than it actually is. After: Change of scenery ! By removing the paneling, first then painting the walls in white and replacing the yellow tiles with laminate parquet, Blandine Colson succeeded in transforming this dark and tired apartment into a bright, fluid and airy place. And, to allow the light to circulate properly in the space, the thick curtains that dressed the windows were replaced in favor of light curtains and rolling blinds.

An apartment that thinks big

Before: Difficult to imagine the real potential of the apartment as the layout of the space leaves something to be desired. Reorganization work must be considered urgently in order to restore this dilapidated apartment all the functionality it deserves! The kitchen area attests to this. Composed of a simple kitchenette, it reveals old-fashioned furniture and unsightly elements left in plain sight (hot water tank).
After: To meet the specifications of the owners who wanted an optimized and well-equipped space, the kitchen was moved. Enlarged, it now has all the equipment one would expect: a mini fridge, a microwave, two ceramic hobs and a hood, a designer sink, high storage and a comfortable work plan for preparing and tasting meals. And, in the space left vacant by the old kitchenette, there is a built-in cupboard all in height (with wardrobe and shelves) which accommodates the washing machine. An interesting tip which made it possible to reuse the original water inlet and outlet. In the main room, a large reinforcement was used to install shelves, storage boxes and books. The streamlined entrance now houses a wall coat rack and shoe storage, also serving as a shelf for storing keys and mail. The bathroom is no exception! Stayed in the same place, however, it underwent a welcome refreshment. The washbasin cabinet has thus been replaced by an ultra-practical black cabinet with contemporary lines. Shelves and a towel radiator have also been installed above the toilets. The shower tray has been lowered and the hot water tank, formerly installed in the kitchen, has been moved to the bathroom. Finally, to optimize the space, Blandine Colson generally made sure to introduce only furniture that was really useful and favored the multifunctional. In the evening, the sofa turns into a comfortable bed, the corner bar into a desk for students. As for the table, it acts as a bedside table On the storage side, the decorator also favored closed storage so as to purify the space and gain fluidity.

New York loft-style decoration

After: On the decor side, Blandine Colson wanted to create a New York loft atmosphere. To give an urban side to the space, she opted for a shades of gray and black which was completed with white so as to visually enlarge the space. A nod to the famous New York taxis, touches of lemon yellow have been installed here and there to energize the space. To complete the decoration, a section of wall covered with brick-like trompe-l'oeil wallpaper. This gives character to the space and reinforces the small loft atmosphere desired by the owners. Blandine Colson, An air of decoration