Plant pots showcase balcony plants

Plant pots showcase balcony plants

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When you love plants, you want to sublimate them! And for that, nothing like the planters to dress the plants and enhance them. We forget the unsightly pot to make the balcony a real decorative place!

Build on accumulation

The decoration should in no case be neglected on the balcony: the plants you put in it can be seen from your living room, your living room but also from the outside. The planter therefore becomes a decorative ally of size to use to create a style. Large or small, natural or very colorful, it fits easily in a corner of your balcony or along the railing. The accumulation remaining a very appreciated decoration option, you just have to play by mixing sizes, materials and shapes! There are a multitude of models with monumental sizes, others more modest. In terms of colors, the choice is vast with all the colors of the rainbow represented. And the materials are numerous! You can opt for ceramic, bright plastic, woven resin, concrete, or even recycled materials.

Choose the right style

To create a decorative effect on the balcony, opt for a color code with one or more shades that harmonize with each other. The neutral tones will go perfectly with a natural, country or classic decoration. Bet on bright colors for a more contemporary or baroque style balcony! Do not hesitate to make a reminder of colors on the fabrics of your seats, cushions or even in your decorative accessories (tealight holders, outdoor tableware, etc.). Finally, you can create an atmosphere that will be visible even at night by using bright planters in different colors. This type of pot is designed to withstand the outdoors while creating a beautiful effect. Trick : if you want to move your pots easily, prefer modest sizes because the larger the pot, the heavier it will be to handle because of the soil present inside. If you still want to integrate an XXL shrub or plant on your balcony, opt for a pot with sufficient capacity under which you will first slide a support on wheels. These are sold in all garden centers and DIY stores. Discover our selection of planters for the garden and the balcony.
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