How to arrange an alcove in a kitchen?

How to arrange an alcove in a kitchen?

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The French love to eat. Also, in our homes, the kitchen has become a real living space where the whole family meets. The many decorative trends also have their place in the kitchen, trends that can be magnified by an alcove. This can be highlighted by its color as by its lighting. How to arrange an alcove in the kitchen? Here are some tips!

An alcove to highlight the dishes

A shallow alcove in the kitchen can dress on shelves to highlight your beautiful dishes. Whether you want to display your mugs from around the world or your grandmother's dishes, you can choose from wooden or glass shelves. Easy to set up and inexpensive, we give 10/10 to this tip!

An alcove for cooking

And if, as in the mansions of the past, your cooking piano found its place in an alcove. Depending on the size and depth of your alcove, you will no doubt be able to install your cooking space there, namely the plates, the hood, the oven, the microwave, etc. If the layout of the kitchen allows, opt for a custom installation or the creation of a dining area. In small spaces, the alcove turns into a kitchen and saves a few square meters.

An alcove for a pantry

Storage tip and decorative asset, the alcove becomes your pantry. Each shelf is then used. Those located on the lower level allow the bottles to be stored. Then, going up, there are fruits and vegetables, metal cans and glass jars, bread bin and spices. It's up to you to play with colors and containers to give your kitchen a gourmet and friendly side.