Before / After: Create storage to make a kitchen more practical and aesthetic

Before / After: Create storage to make a kitchen more practical and aesthetic

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A small kitchen can quickly seem messy when it does not have sufficient storage space. Robots, boxes and food often accumulate on the work surface and invade the surface intended for meal preparation. In this small two-room apartment of 26m2 completely renovated, the kitchen has benefited from a complete facelift which has allowed it to rediscover design and functionality. Elodie Cussonnier, architect in charge of the project, achieved a real feat here!

Vitamin design

Before : Originally, the space devoted to meals was integrated into a corner of the living room. Poorly appointed and sparingly furnished, it looked more like a kitchenette than a real kitchen. The owner of the apartment lacked not only space for cooking, but also storage for storing utensils, dishes and food. The corner shelf and the Ikea serving trolley, the only items available to prepare meals, were constantly crowded: this small kitchen had become as unattractive as it was uncomfortable ... An overhaul was necessary! After visiting the premises and studying the points to be reorganized, the architect Elodie Cussonnier worked on the distribution of spaces: by breaking partitions and inverting the rooms, the living room and the kitchen would be able to gain surface area, brightness and storage.
After : New plans, invigorating colors, optimized spaces… The living room and the kitchen adopt additional square meters! The living room took place in the old room, now arranged in an "L" shape. This reorganization benefits the kitchen, which no longer encroaches on the relaxation area. Open to the living room, it has multiple storage spaces which give it a very refined appearance. The laminate worktop, chosen in a beautiful anthracite shade, contrasts harmoniously with the red-orange color of the walls. It is clad in a stainless steel credenza which reinforces the modern aspect of the room. In terms of furniture, Elodie Cussonnier opted for a sober cream-colored range, ordered from Darty. Fully integrated, the new kitchen cleverly hides all the appliances (fridge, washing machine, etc.): the environment is now tidy and welcoming, spacious enough to cook without constraints. Elodie Cussonnier, interior designer //