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. Placo®, a solution for every room in the house! Sound insulation, thermal insulation, water or fire resistance, indoor air purification ... the range Placo® offers a solution for every room in the house. Recommended for bedrooms and living rooms, the Placo® Phonic plate, blue in color, divides noise by two from one room to another. In children's bedrooms, the white Placo® Activ'Air® sheet permanently improves indoor air quality by reducing its formaldehyde concentration. In humid or unheated rooms, the Placomarine® plate, green in color, resists humidity. Finally, the pink Placoflam® plate is recommended to protect against the fire risk in the kitchen. Find your Placo® solution for every room in the house on With the Placo® Phonique blue plate, halve the noise coming from the living room! The 4PRO® plasterboard for perfect ceilings! Thanks to its unique manufacturing process, plasterboard 4PRO® allows ceilings to be produced with a professional finish quality without effort! This new plate with 4 thinned edges, from the Placo® brand, allows invisible joints to be obtained even with low-angle light. With the 4PRO® plate, installing a suspended ceiling becomes easier. To find out more about the 4PRO® plate, visit


. Rock wool is an insulating material with multiple performances: Anti-fire, anti-noise and anti-waste - ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation will assure you a real thermal and acoustic comfort. ROCKMUR KRAFT is used for the insulation of vertical walls (masonry counter-partitions, counter-partitions between metal studs). It is a semi-rigid panel, coated with a polyethylene kraft vapor barrier with a density ranging from 28 to 36kg / m3. The panel is available in thicknesses 45mm to 220mm. ROULROCK KRAFT is intended for the insulation of lost roof spaces. It is a roll of rock wool coated with a polyethylene kraft vapor barrier, width 1200 mm, to be unwound on a lost roof slab. It is quick to implement. Rockwool All ROCKWOOL products are available in DIY stores and professional building brands. Site: Address: ROCKWOOL 111 rue du château des Rentiers 75013 Paris Tel: 01 40 77 82 82 Fax: 01 45 86 80 75


. TERRACOTTA TILES AND FLEX GLUE The clay used for our traditional terracotta comes from our own quarries. This clay is molded by our craftsmen who make our hand-made terracotta floor tiles. Our philosophy consists in the development of terracotta tiles in an artisanal and ecological way, high quality terracotta tiles perfectly suited for renovations or new constructions. In addition to standard parts, we also offer it any type of format since our hand-made and wooden mold manufacturing offers a large production capacity, we can say that the only limit is imagination. best price from the market to the end customer, You can consult our unbeatable prices. TERRCUITE MANUELL Site: Site: Mail: [email protected] LAYING TOMETTES SARL CARRE SOL Company specializing in flooring (tiling, parquet) and interior painting work, we operate mainly in the Paris region, especially in the Yvelines. Address: SARL CARRE SOL 15 Rue des Mongazons 78200 MAGNANVILLE Email: [email protected]


. TINT TOURMALINE (Color Chart) IN NAE VELVET WHITE AQUALINE IMPRES (UNDER LAYER) AND AQUALINE VELVET (FINISHING) Naé velours Paint formulated with natural and bio-based components. In addition to being decorative, Naé paintings are respectful of the environment, health, and future generations. Indeed, these are formulated based on natural and bio-based components and combine technical performance and eco-responsibility. Thus, Naé paintings hardly reject C.O.V. and volatile materials, their impact on the environment is reduced, and a majority of the raw materials used in their production are renewable. Ecolabel certified in White and shades. AQUALINE EVO IMPRESS, SATIN, MAT, VELVET range Suitable for new and renovation work The sites can be carried out without interruption of activity, Respect the health of the applicators and occupants. AQUALINE EVO SATIN Satin finish paint based on alkyd and acrylic resins in aqueous phase. Good covering and filling power Very good recovery time Exceptional glide Great whiteness Ecolabel certified in White and AQUALINE EVO IMPRESS shades Universal printing based on alkyd and acrylic resins in aqueous phase. Indoors and outdoors on common building supports, bare or coated with old adherent paints in good condition. Nourishes and blocks bottoms Exceptional gliding Coverable during the day Good covering and filling power VOC rate <1G / L Ecolabel certified in white and NEVADA shades Special matte paint without tension blocking and insulating based on polymerized vegetable oil treated with lime in solvent phase. Indoors for high-end finishing decoration. Blocking, insulating and tension-free Great whiteness, non-yellowing Exceptional opacity, without recovery Application Fresh in fresh Low odor UNISTOP WOOD EVO Multilayer paint based on satin alkyd resin for the protection and decoration of wood in solvent phase Good covering and filling power Microporous High flexibility of the film Fungicide protection agent Contains an anti-corrosion pigment. DUCALE SILOXANE Matt paint based on acrylic and polysiloxane resins in aqueous phase New or renovation on usual building support. Deep matt appearance Impermeable to runoff water High permeability to water vapor Excellent resistance to microorganisms // UNIKALO Site: // Address: 18 rue du Meilleur Ouvrier de France ZI de l'Hippodrome 33700 MERIGNAC Tel: 05 56 34 23 08


. Contura 450 wood stove Link: // CONTURA Site: // Facebook: // Contact: [email protected]


. DUNE ref: 91301 Cylinder suspension in linen. Sold without electrification. Dimensions: H29 / D40cm. E27 / 100W max incandescent… Color: white HEMA Ref: 91246 Wall lamp round MDF base, with metal insert. Cotton FCH lampshade. Dimensions: H27.5 / D14 / D20cm. E14 / 40W incandescent max. Color: white cotton Also available in burlap PRC Society PRC designer and manufacturer of lampshades and decorative lighting. French lampshade manufacturer in Bègles near Bordeaux (33) You can find our products in most DIY stores. More information on Original wood and metal floor lamp Direct link: // Bring a touch of originality to your interior with this wood base floor lamp and white metal lampshade riveted Dimensions: 150 x 33 x 150 cm The ABCD'AIRE The ABCD'Aire , a tasty blend of the charm of the old and the latest decor trends. 1000 m2 of Antiquity, flea market and new All the models visible on our site Lantern with crosses in natural bamboo with handle and glass vase inside - large model H 46.5 cm Link: / / Creator: Broste Copenhagen HOWNE Decoration eshop: Contact: [email protected] Social networks: Facebook: // Instagram: //


. Fixed sofa 3 places natural - ROUND Link: // ARTIK Scandinavian design armchair in green fabric // HELIA natural and white wood sideboard 2 doors 4 drawers // MILIBOO.COM Site: // Our address: 17 rue Mira 74650 CHAVANOD Stockholm white coffee table L 130 The Scandinavian wooden fifties coffee table is in the retro chic movement, recalling Danish and Swedish design from the 50s to 70s. The white table top and its original shape give a resolutely modern and design appearance. LIVINDECO Site: Address: 20 bis rue Félicien David, 75016 Paris Tel. +33 (0) 1 85 08 34 19 Facebook: //


. Bouquets of flowers WORD OF FLOWERS Site: Facebook: // Papilio Sarah rug Link: // SAINT MACLOU Site: // Contact: // Twitter: // Pinterest: // candles PARTYLITE Our goal is to distinguish ourselves not only in the art of creating Ambiances, but also in the professional opportunities we offer to those aspiring to become independent entrepreneurs. This vision is based on our motto that, by providing the right tools and support, we can all change our lives to meet our dreams. We believe in it because we see it every day. PartyLite Consultants receive much more than compensation. They restore meaning to their lives, develop positive self-esteem and gain the certainty that they can accomplish everything. Site: // Contact: // Tableau Dreamers The stories of A Tableau Adventure Always The stories of A CM CREATION Site: Manufacturer of frames, mirrors n ° 1 in France P.A Les Grandes Landes 18/20 rue Blaise Pascal 35580 GUICHEN Tel. : +33 (0) 2 99 57 32 32 Fax: +33 (0) 2 99 57 35 84 Mail: [email protected]


. Curtain - 100% linen stone wash - Eyelet finish 180 g / m² - Wash 60 ° Link: // HARMONY Address: DUBOS AS SARL 4 rue Henri le Chatelier 33600 Pessac - France Tel: 05 56 47 63 48 mail: [email protected] Site: // Pouf knitted in large stitches, garter stitch , with a cotton thread from recycled clothing, made to order in the desired color and size Creation time: 8 days. Link: // LR CREA handmade to find on ALITTLEMARKET.COM Contact details: // Unique cushion, hand knitted in wool and contemporary style. Bright colors (mustard yellow and black). Dimension: 40 cm x 28 cm Cushion not removable. Other dimensions and colors available on order, contact the designer for more information. Link: // AT THE HEART OF THINGS to find on ALITTLEMARKET.COM Contact details: // Facebook: // Irish cushion knitted in pearl gray Mohair wool, measuring 38 cm x 38 cm It is knitted in point Irish with elegant twists giving it a soft effect Care: machine wash wool cycle - air dry. Link: // LA DECO DE CALINS CALINES to find on ALITTLEMARKET.COM Contact details: // Facebook : //