5 stick vacuums on the test bench

5 stick vacuums on the test bench

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New star of our interiors, the broom vacuum cleaner is attracting more and more consumers by its simplicity of use and its practicality in everyday life. Compact, powerful, multifunctional, wireless but also ultra design, this type of model no longer has to prove itself. To finish convincing you, the editorial team invites you to discover the advantages of 5 stick vacuums that caught our attention. Let's go !

Air Cordless Vax

Without a single connection, the Air Cordless vacuum cleaner gives you an autonomy of 50 minutes to clean up to 232m2. Thanks to cyclonic technology and a powerful action, it lifts and eliminates all dirt and dust with the combined force of three suction channels. The plus: its maneuverability with Air Motion steering which allows it to easily bypass furniture and reach difficult corners with a single movement of the wrist! Suggested price : 250 euros

LG CordZero 2-in-1

Let’s continue our favorite vacuum cleaners with the CordZero model from Korean LG. This 2 in 1 model (stick vacuum + detachable hand vacuum) seduces us with its compactness and maneuverability. Thanks to two interchangeable lithium batteries, CordZero offers an autonomy of 60 minutes in normal mode (not bad at all!) And 40 minutes in high power mode. Its little extra: a motorized brush that prevents tangling of hair and bristles for easy cleaning without constraint. Suggested price : 399 euros

The Colombina De'Longhi

De'Longhi, king of the upright vacuum cleaner on the Italian market, presents in France its first light and cordless model. Autonomy: 50 minutes, recharge: 2:30, it is retained for its three power levels, its helical filter and its multi-surface brush effective on all floors. Suggested price : 199 euros

The Ergorapido ZB3013 Electrolux

In addition to its high suction performance and its brush guaranteeing a quick cleaning, this stick vacuum cleaner seduced us thanks to a small but clever feature: LED front lighting to locate and not forget any crumbs! Suggested price : 229 euros

The Dyson V6 Absolute +

Let's finish our selection with the most powerful device on the market today: the V6 Absolute + model from Dyson. With its suction twice the conventional vacuum cleaners, it fights against fine dust and debris. Very effective, it also proves to be ideal for people suffering from allergies because the after-engine filter rejects healthier air than the one we breathe. Finally, a docking station allows you to store and charge the device, ensuring that your vacuum cleaner is always ready when you need it. Suggested price : 519 euros