Before / After: Create a dorm in a vaulted room

Before / After: Create a dorm in a vaulted room

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The owner of the Mas de Cabassude, a wine estate located a stone's throw from the medieval village of Trets-en-Provence, wanted to create a pleasant and fun little dormitory for passing tenants. He called on the interior designer Nathalie Vingot Mei who fitted out, in the freshness of an arched room, a room for four children. Between trendy colors, comfort, functionality, we open the doors to this colorful project. Discovery in pictures! Area : Just under 20 m² Budget : 25,000 euros

A vaulted room to rehabilitate

Before: With its clay on the ground, its damaged exposed stones, its dilapidated outward opening and the absence of electricity and heating, the room dreams of a second youth.
After: If the owner wanted a beautiful atmosphere, it was essential for the architect to restore functionality and comfort to the space. To do this, Nathalie Vingot Mei first installed the electricity in the room, thus creating this beautiful indirect lighting. Then she installed electric heaters and a reversible air conditioner. On the ground, the aging visible stones have been swapped for terracotta tiling which warms the general atmosphere of the room. And, to create this warm and soothing atmosphere, the walls have been straightened and dressed in immaculate white.

Variation of colors

After: In terms of decoration, the architect has chosen to use four colors (turquoise, anise, orange and purple) from the bathroom tiles to the horizontal frieze running on the bedroom wall. Also present on custom-made bed linen (headboard cover, cushions, comforter, box spring cover), the color palette was carefully chosen to compensate for the lack of light in the room. Nathalie Vingot Mei, Interior designer