DIY kids: make racing cars

DIY kids: make racing cars

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After the planes in clothespins and ice cream sticks, here is a DIY idea just as nice and just as simple to make: racing cars made from rolls of recycled toilet paper! Once again, the little boys will be delighted to make these funny cars and play with them! So start now to keep the toilet paper rolls empty so that you can make a nice collection of small cars. 3, 2, 1… Go! For 1 car: - 1 empty toilet paper roll - light cardboard (for the wheels) - 4 Parisian fasteners - acrylic paint and a brush - a black felt pen - a compass or a small glass about 4 cm in diameter - a pair of scissors - a large needle - news: 739781 cutter

DIY inspired by creations from the Kifli es Levendula blog.