What plants to plant or install in a veranda?

What plants to plant or install in a veranda?

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Ultra bright, the veranda is a link between the garden and the house. It is a totally suitable place to let plants like exotic plants and citrus fruits flourish. Whether you make your conservatory a greenhouse or a conservatory for delicate plants, culture in this type of place cannot be improvised. This is confirmed by Charly, our loyal advisor from Jardiland.

Dé Do you have to heat a veranda in winter to keep plants healthy?

Charly: The temperature inside a veranda is an element that will determine the choice of plants to install there. It is therefore necessary above all to know if the veranda will serve as a greenhouse or as a conservatory for plants. In the first case, the veranda must be heated and perfectly insulated to suit tropical plants. A sufficient temperature must be maintained there, generally between 16 and 18 ° C. In the second case, one must simply take care to keep a temperature out of frost because it is there that one will shelter the cold plants during the winter. For example, Mediterranean cacti and plants will spend the off season well sheltered from low temperatures, snow, cold winds and may emerge in the spring. This is also the case for citrus fruits: grapefruit, lemon and orange trees.

Dé What flowering plants to grow in a greenhouse veranda?

Charly: You're spoiled for choice. Depending on individual tastes, exotic plants can be installed there, whether flowering plants or green plants. Among the green plants originating from tropical forests, philodendron, palm, ficus have an undeniable charm. As for the tropical flowering plants, they are a real delight. They offer a palette of colors of incredible richness, sometimes surprising flowers. In a greenhouse veranda, do not hesitate to cultivate the strelitzia, this splendid bird of paradise which can reach two meters in height. The many varieties of orchids will also find their place there like the cypripedium or hoof of Venus or even the breathtaking cymbidium native to the Himalayas.

Dé In a veranda, should tropical plants be protected from the sun's rays?

Charly: You have to be wary of direct sun on the windows like excess light. Even though orchids are tropical plants, some of them only like shade. Consider installing blinds in your veranda or at least on part of this largely glazed space. You will reserve this shaded area for plants sensitive to full light such as phalaenopsis and install a yucca in full sun.

Dé And if you want to grow trees in a veranda, which one to choose?

Charly: Let yourself be seduced by a mimosa and associate it with an olive tree, two Mediterranean trees which bring a real asset in a winter garden. You can also choose a few specimens from the large palm family. Livistonia, Kentia, Licuala, Rhapis and Archontophoenix are some examples. But be aware that they do not all have the same needs. Show originality with a Cyphomandra betacea or tree tomato. Originally from Central America, it is still little known in our latitudes.