The Bouroullec brothers in Rennes

The Bouroullec brothers in Rennes

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Their common name certainly tells you something, the Bouroullecs - Ronan and Erwan by their first name - have shone on international design for more than 20 years. Associated in 1999, they, as a family, designed for many manufacturers such as Issey Miyake, Ligne Roset and, more recently, Mutina. They now exhibit their work around 4 emblematic exhibitions in Rennes in Brittany.

Urban reveries in the open fields

The first exhibition proposes to dream and rethink the layout of urban space. Twenty proposals in the form of interactive installations, research models, photographic films and small-scale prototypes. Between vegetable lianas, torches and an aerial stream, Rêveries Urbaines offers another interpretation of urban space.

17 Screens

In the Sud gallery of Frac Bretagne, for the first time in France, 17 new modular wall systems are hung. Each wall is designed from ceramic, aluminum, glass or textile elements. Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec worked on the diversity of the frames, the variations of the light effects to create a different layout of the space.


It is in the courtyard of the Parliament of Brittany that we find the creation of the Bouroullec brothers for Emerige. This steel kiosk incorporating large bay windows on three sides offers a multitude of uses: relaxation space, gathering meeting or sharing.


In the North and East galleries of Frac Bretagne, nearly twenty years of collaboration between the studio and major world furniture publishers are on display. There are some of the most emblematic creations of the Bouroullec brothers.
The Bouroullec brothers in Rennes From March 25 to August 28, 2016 Frac Bretagne, Les Champs Libres and in the courtyard of the Parliament of Brittany in Rennes For more information: www.bouroullec.com