Pretty laundry baskets

Pretty laundry baskets

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Long relegated to the back of a closet or in a corner of the laundry room, the laundry basket is now adorned with its finest attire and displayed without complex in the house! Whether it is placed in the bedroom, the laundry room or the bathroom, we choose it carefully to make it a real decorative asset.

Shapes and materials

The laundry basket has long been reduced to a misshapen bag with an uninviting look. Today, brands respond to the wishes of individuals wishing to take it out of the closet and exhibit it in their interior! The latter have competed in creativity to imagine models in tune with the times, perfectly in keeping with today's decor styles. In terms of materials, the choice is vast with many eco-friendly and natural models, designed in wicker, bamboo or even wood; followers of the classic style will opt for fabric baskets with a timeless look. Whether plain or patterned, in linen or cotton, sober or vitaminized, their design adapts to everyone's tastes! If the baskets are generally displayed in the form of tall storage boxes, you will also find foldable, round, design or more classic models. You choose according to the decoration of your interior!

Capacity according to needs

Before you start buying a laundry basket, first define your needs and priorities: do you sort the laundry when you put it in the dirty or just before dragging it into the machine? Is the family large? Do you have a lot of delicate clothes? The answers to these questions will guide you in choosing your future laundry basket. If the piles of clothes turn out to be rather substantial each week, opt for an XXL basket (about 50L for a family of 3 people), a model with multiple compartments or even several coordinated baskets that you will take care to label beforehand (white / colors / delicate linen, etc.). Remember that sorting the laundry upstream will save you a lot of inconvenience (and unpleasant surprises!) When doing your laundry…
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