Curtains, blinds or sheers: what to choose for my glass door?

Curtains, blinds or sheers: what to choose for my glass door?

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If the glass doors have the advantage of bringing brightness and clarity in a space, one should not however neglect their clothing, final touch of a successful decoration. Blackout, translucent or dimming, the curtain is an aesthetic solution of choice to filter the light, protect against noise and cold and preserve privacy. However, it is not always easy to make a choice as the models are numerous and the textiles varied. A real puzzle that the editorial team has decided to solve for you. Follow the guide !

Blackout curtain: creating a separation from the outside world

Whether to preserve its privacy, or to amplify the sound and thermal insulation of its interior, installing blackout curtains is always a good solution and especially in winter. Used as a door curtain, it will prevent air from passing through and the room will remain warm. It will also effectively hide an unsightly front door.
Colorful, plain or dressed in patterns, many models currently exist on the market. Be aware, however, that the material of the fabric chosen is of paramount importance. So, choose heavy fabrics such as wool, velvet or taffeta which will create a real barrier with the outside world. Once purchased, be sure to take your dimensions relative to the model of your door. The insulation will not be fully effective if the curtains do not cover all of it. Also take into account the exposure of your room to choose the color of your model.

Sheer: play with transparency

Privileged during the summer period, the curtains must be in total harmony with your interior. Their transparency is also essential. If light curtains protect your privacy, they should also let in light. So, do not hesitate to play with materials and transparencies for a successful decor effect. Organza, cheesecloth, organdy or devoured, you choose according to the effect you want to give to your interior.
Made from synthetic material, the organza will stand out for its shine, its beautiful hold and its transparency. The organdy is slightly matt in appearance and is very elegant. For a flexible and light fall, you will prefer cheesecloth which has the particularity of dimming the light without being completely transparent. And for a shiny effect, opt for flamed cheesecloth. Finally, to give relief to your interior, bet on a devoured sheer, light and refined veil with set of opaque and transparent patterns, which will create an original decor in your home.

Store: modulate the interior light

An interesting alternative to net curtains, interior blinds will offer you a sleek, more current style. By playing with the shadows and lights, they will preserve your privacy without disturbing the clarity. Boat blind or simple blind, the choice is yours. Decorative par excellence, the awning that folds in elegant waves will offer a very elegant taut appearance. With its looser and more aerial fall, the simple blind will impose its style and its fantasy in a very current trend.