Scandinavian tableware: a clean but warm design

Scandinavian tableware: a clean but warm design

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Appreciated for its simple shapes and warm patterns, Scandinavian tableware has seduced for decades. Deciphering a style that does not contradict its success.

Scandinavian dishes with recognizable shapes

Traditional Scandinavian tableware is characterized by clean lines, no frills, like Scandinavian design in general. In the Nordic countries, the weather outside pushes families to spend a maximum of time at home: individuals therefore like to surround themselves with design and beautiful objects even on the table! Many of their accessories are freely inspired by nature and geometric shapes, forming a recognizable whole among a thousand: the plates are generally round, the cups and mugs large and generous, the glasses flat and thin.

Materials: porcelain and Scandinavian glassware

The most used materials are porcelain and earthenware for plates, dishes and cups. However, craftsmen of the new generation are turning more and more to ceramics, enameled metal or even clay. Scandinavian glassware, less known, is nevertheless prolific. Traditionally, there are two categories for the table: water glasses and snap glasses (brandy), whose shapes are always refined to the extreme. The traditionally used material is crystal, however traditional glass is commonly used for everyday dishes.

The patterns are the stars!

On the motif side, traditional Scandinavian dishes generally have a country style and flowery, rustic country style. We are happy to dive into this quaint atmosphere through the grandmother's motifs brought up to date! Another strong trend: geometric shapes, which multiply on the edges of plates, dishes and bowls with generous dimensions. The most widespread colors remain red, white, celadon, shades of blue ... to which are added pastel shades. The Scandinavians indeed like the cheerful colors that they display on the crockery as in their interior, which does not prevent them from digging in the palette of blacks… The Scandinavian crockery is constantly renewed thanks to several signs such as Marimekko, Menu , Green Gate, Orrefors (glassware), or designers such as Gry Fager. The forms remain pure and the patterns diversify, often in a geometric style. Finally, easier to access, the Swedish giant Ikea also offers tableware, less sought after but very affordable.
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