Kitchen advice: the pros and cons of semi-open kitchens

Kitchen advice: the pros and cons of semi-open kitchens

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In terms of kitchen design, more and more open kitchens are being built. But it is difficult to know its true advantages compared to an open (American) or closed (that is to say truly compartmentalized) kitchen. We therefore asked a professional kitchen designer Arthur Bonnet, a company with more than 85 years of experience, to give us his expertise and his point of view on this new trend. If you plan to do some work, read its advice before choosing!

We often mix up open and semi-open kitchens. Can you explain the difference?

An open kitchen is 100% open to another room, usually the living room or the dining room. Conversely, the configuration of a semi-open kitchen makes it possible to separate the kitchen from the living room while maintaining a connection (half-partitioning) between the living rooms. The current trend is rather to partially close the kitchen. The American kitchen or the fully partitioned kitchen are less in vogue.

What are the advantages of a semi-open kitchen compared to an open or closed kitchen?

It is a good compromise between the closed kitchen and the kitchen open to the living room. It has the advantage of open kitchens (conviviality, brightness, space, etc.) without the drawbacks: view of dirty dishes, noise, direct view of meal preparation, etc. The semi-open kitchen keeps physical and acoustic distance.

What are its disadvantages?

The drawbacks of a semi-open kitchen are that the noises from household appliances (coffee maker, kettle, dishwasher, etc.) can still be heard. Food odors also spread in the living room, which can be unpleasant if you receive guests.

Do you have any tips to overcome these inconveniences?

Yes, there are several tips. We can limit cooking odors and noise from household appliances by choosing to install a sliding door or a canopy, for example. We keep the idea of ​​overall volume, and we isolate noise and odors.

Can we install a semi-open kitchen in all types of housing?

There are several possibilities depending on the style of accommodation and the lifestyle of the inhabitants. You can install a canopy, half partitions, a bar, a pass hatch ... But, from an arrangement point of view, all forms of kitchens lend themselves to semi-open kitchens. Budget side, difficult to give an average price because it varies according to multiple parameters. It depends on the model and the location.

Is semi-open kitchen a good compromise between open kitchen and closed kitchen?

Yes, it is a good compromise for people who find it difficult to choose between an open kitchen or a closed kitchen. The semi-open kitchen is therefore the solution if you cannot decide!