Material focus: how to choose fabric?

Material focus: how to choose fabric?

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First step to carrying out your sewing work, the necessary choice of fabric. If it can be a pleasant moment allowing your desires to express themselves, some precautions are necessary to adapt the fabric to your work. Before choosing your fabric, consider the following.

The three main families of fabric

Generally speaking, there are three main families of tissue :
  • Those intended for furnishing such as curtains.
  • Those intended for the sewing household linen like sheets.
  • Those intended for making clothes.

What rendering for your fabric?

Before you start, imagine the final rendering of your work. Would you like your garment to be close to the body or on the contrary more ample? Depending on the answer, you will choose:
  • A tissue flexible in the first case which sticks to the body like crepe, jersey or even linen.
  • A tissue steeper in the second, which fits on its own like cotton, organza…
If you are just starting out, consider that tissue stiff cuts and sews more easily than a tissue flexible.

Synthetic or natural material?

Then, you will have to choose between tissue natural and tissue synthetic. The former are breathable and have the advantage of ventilating the garment. In winter, heat is retained and in summer the body is protected from heat. As to tissues synthetic, they are simply cheaper, but have no ventilation properties and are less comfortable to wear. In trade, you will find tissues at all prices, from a few cents for a basic to tens of euros for a very good quality fabric.