Recipe: the banana surprise with the Gardenall electric barbecue

Recipe: the banana surprise with the Gardenall electric barbecue

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For the barbecue, we begin to master the sausages-merguez. With eyes closed, marinated pork ribs, fish kebabs and grilled prawns are performed with as much brilliance. Everyone also agrees on the accompaniment (salad and rosé) but for the dessert, who has an idea? Do not panic, we offer the banana surprise, one that contains treasures of gluttony and that plays fully the theme of the meal all barbecue.

Gardenall's electric BB grill

If ideally we all dream of a house (huge) with a garden (gigantic), in fact we are rather in an apartment with mini balcony, at least for city dwellers who share the same lifestyle as me. We do not feel sorry for ourselves but suddenly, we must review our claims, if only for the barbecue. Gardenall has just thought of us, poor urban people forced to grill sausages between two bushes (necessarily dwarfs), with an electric barbecue BB. Its practical size is more than made up for by its aesthetic curves and its pretty shimmering red. We may not have space but we have style! For the operation, one frees oneself from the chore start of coal fire with a simple electrical outlet and a button. Not only is it better for your health, but in addition, the grill gets less dirty. And to finish with the best, the Gardenall BB grill costs only € 34.90.
Now it's our turn to play! I wanted to try a small dessert of American inspiration, in the line of S'mores. Originally it was a marshmallow caught between two cookies and toasted over a campfire. Since then, the declensions of S'more (which means Some More is Again to imply that you will not be able to stop eating it) rain and we never stop discovering new kinds of S'more. Here for example it is a banana "stuffed" with chocolate and chamallows. An easy dessert, quick to prepare and which will delight children.

The ingredients of the surprise banana

- Bananas (at least one per person), - Chamallows, or even better mini chamallows, or really, really better marshmallow cream, - Milk chocolate chips.


Step 1 - Connect the plug and press the button. Ah, if everything could be as simple as an electric barbecue! We wait about ten minutes for the barbecue to be at the right temperature.
Step 2 - During this time, we prepare the S'more or surprise banana. we start by detailing the chamallows in four in case we should have been satisfied like me with the classic version.
Step 3 - We rip open the banana to be able to fill it.
Step 4 - Logically, we fill it with the cut chamallows but also with the chocolate chips.
Step 5 - We enclose everything in aluminum foil and let it rest on the grid for about fifteen minutes.
S'more gives you creative ideas! With Salidou (salted caramel cream) and broken lace pancakes, I created a Breton version, just as delicious as the American one. You can eat your S'more directly in its original case or take it out to pour it into a bowl. The ultimate delicacy is to place a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, but you can also just enjoy this hot banana without any other additions.

The verdict

We will not eat S'mores all summer (better for the hips) but we will not hesitate to use the BB grill from Gardenall as soon as the sun comes up. Not only is it very practical but above all it gives a decorative and modern side to any balcony or small garden area. So it's fun and practical, so essential. BB grill 30 electric barbecue, Gardenall, € 34.90 What type of barbecue to choose? There are three main ones: charcoal, electric or gas barbecues. Find the one that suits you thanks to our price comparison.