When Vincent from the Esprit design blog talks about design

When Vincent from the Esprit design blog talks about design

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Since 2008, Vincent has been sharing on his Esprit Design Blog - BED for friends - his favorites and design encounters. This "passionate amateur" as he likes to describe himself tends to put forward and analyze the projects and approaches of designers - with a certain predilection for young designers and students. He dissects for us his relationship to design. How would you define design in 3 words? Ingenuity, sensitivity, anticipation. What design object would you dream of owning? Maybe a real coffee table by Isamu Noguchi. Who is your favorite designer? I think that the work of the young French designer Ferréol Babin touches me particularly, in his approach, in his sensitivity, he is taking off more and more internationally, a designer to follow!

The Aurore lamp by Ferréol Babin

What object would you dream of that a designer creates? Everything will depend on his approach to design, quite simply the object that will touch us, that will correspond to us and meet a need! An innovative car, an evolving piece of furniture, an intelligent object… Show us a photo that symbolizes design for you… Complicated, there are so many facets… To play on the creation of furniture, aesthetics, form, comfort… There is Andrew, the enveloping armchair by Studio Black Navy

Black Navy Studio armchair

What reading advice would you give us? Not being satisfied with the first image, being interested, reading, scratching, because aesthetics and the first approach are important, but there is often much more, research, originality, function, personality, poetry ... We find Vincent on his blog Esprit design.