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. THE WOOD FRAME HOUSE - POIROT CONSTRUCTION // Pre-assembled in a manufacturing workshop, the walls of the wooden frame house (Poirot Construction) of over 42m² were assembled in record time (1 day). Placed on a concrete slab, the wooden frame walls and partitions are composed of (from the outside to the inside): Pre-assembled in the workshop: anthracite gray exterior cladding (25mm) - battens - rain film, - panel of bracing (12mm) - wooden structure (section58 x 160mm) - mineral insulation 160mm - vapor barrier To be finished on site: flooring, electricity, plumbing, interior siding (plasterboard, wood paneling, etc.). Designed for a teenager, this wooden frame house offers a bright living room - ideal for enjoying the garden and the swimming pool. The wooden beams here painted black, are the traditional elements of the wooden house. Manufacturer of wooden houses since 1997, Poirot Construction realizes more than 120 wooden houses per year, everywhere in France. Ten-year warranty - French manufacturing - House conforms to RT 2012 Contact information : Wooden houses // Tel. 03 29 25 52 33 [email protected] Facebook page: // FALCO exterior joinery Aluminum FALCO windows and frames are exterior joinery specially adapted to the structure of timber frame houses. Phone. : 02 41 75 47 47 //

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. Polyester swimming pool shell Bikini Models 6.75mX4m depth 1.50m Relaxation bench staircase Basin equipment 2 skimmers, 2 discharge nozzles on the stairs, 1 automatic broom outlet, 1 bottom drain, 1 safety drain, Multicolor LED projector with remote control Integrated sand filtration - pre-assembled - pre-wired in a room polyester technique length 1.10m width 0.80cm depth 1.10m 3 / 4hp pump, sand filter 12m3 / h programming cabinet with clock pump empty cellar, valve and fitting in rigid PVC D50. Works carried out Earthworks Geotextile installation Drainage of the bottom of the excavation with crushed gravel and installation of decompression sump Implementation of gravel bed Delivery of the swimming pool Installation of the pool and leveling level Backfill excavation with gravel Commissioning of the integrated filtration system sand Programming of the multicolored LED bulb Construction time / 24H Excluding earthworks Guarantee / Swimming pool and installation guaranteed 10 years Realization / Lionel Awakens 20 years of experience. COQUE-PISCINE-DIRECT-USINE.FR DELIVERY THROUGHOUT France
The ABRIDEAL brand pool enclosure presented is a modular telescopic STRETTO model. It consists of a sandblasted gray aluminum frame (possibility of a white structure) covered with a double wall polycarbonate and PMMA roof. It has 4 modules of 2.15 m wide with a maximum range of 4.95 m allowing to cover an 8 x 4 m swimming pool. This shelter captures and stores calories. It saves 7-10 ° of water temperature compared to an outdoor swimming pool. It is a very effective protection against external pollution and accidental falls. It complies with standard NF P 90-309. Each element of this shelter slides over the previous one on a single guide ("pull-out" system). Thus, the terrace remains clear, you can walk comfortably barefoot around the pool, while enjoying excellent handling comfort. The modules slide like a cupboard door without ever positioning themselves askew and jamming. The model presented is equipped with a motorization which allows the opening and the closing of the modules by radio control. ABRIDEAL, which invented the concept of a pool enclosure at the end of the 90s, markets, manufactures and installs its shelters in France and in Europe. Its production is 100% made in France, its manufacturing plant is located in the Southwest. It offers telescopic, sliding, removable shelters that adapt to all types of swimming pools. Its commercial attachés study with you a project corresponding to your expectations, its own assembly teams install your shelter in one day maximum. ABRIDEAL ZA le Tuquet - ANGRESSE - 40150 HOSSEGOR 05 58 77 01 01 [email protected]


. FULL-SCALE Grandeur Nature conservatory and habitat, French network of expert in design and installation of verandas and custom aluminum joinery, welcomes you to its 70 points of sale in France . The veranda Grandeur Nature presents its exclusive concept of flat roofed veranda with skylights: Espace2vie®, a real extension that combines light, thermal performance, aesthetics, quality and safety. Its glass dome, its square heightening, its anthracite gray color and its granite finish make it a contemporary veranda; one more room, pleasant in winter and summer. Thanks to its Sepalumic aluminum profiles with thermal break, its solar control glazing and its roof exclusively developed by our design office, see your reduced heating bills. A life-size test carried out on a veranda with a flat roof in Brittany to prove a much higher air tightness performance (0.48 m3 / (h.m2)) than the standards in force required by RT2012 (0.6 m3 / (h · m 2)). Find all our guarantees of quality and safety on our website: The coordinates Toll free number 0 800 877 182 The contact link: [email protected] List of our points of sale link: Our points of sale


. An adjustable aluminum pergola allows you to regulate the shade or sun area as desired with 200mm motorized blades that open up to 130 °. Color Anthracite Gray Granite, colored LED strips on the periphery. To find out which dealers are in your area, do not hesitate to contact us, or go to the website. EURL FOURNIER PERGOLA-SESAME-OUVRE-TOIT Eurl Fournier Michel 61 Route de Nyons 84600 Valréas Tel: or E-mail: [email protected]


. "Bel'm French leader in the front door, for the construction and renovation of individual houses. On this show, a front door BEAUTIFUL CITY in sandblasted black aluminum 2100 (lacquering guaranteed 10 years), adapts perfectly within the framework of a Wooden Frame Houses. In a contemporary spirit, this 68 mm monobloc design aluminum door, with its identical relief moldings both outside and inside and its glazing in vertical frame brings you a modern aesthetic with a pleasant light supply. All our Aluminum doors are equipped with a 5 point automatic lock with 2 rollers and 2 hooks for optimal security. This door personalize your home and enhance your heritage property. Find all of our products on The site was laid by our client AGENCE ROUSSET Closure and security - 27000 Evreux - Tel. 02 32 24 11 61 - [email protected]


. The VERTIGE green roof, installed on the house is a complete system allowing you to easily and quickly green your roof. This revolutionary process has been the subject of 3 patents and a CSTB Technical Assessment. More than 80% of it comes from a recycling sector; more info on // This proven system in different parts of the world (Africa, China, Indian Ocean) is now available as a kit for individuals (15 and 25 m2 kits); more info on // FEAR OF HEIGHTS To contact us: 05 56 89 50 31 or by email: [email protected] Regarding sealing: The waterproofing of the Cudorge family roof terrace was carried out by DSL Waterproofing. This company based in the southwest specializes in traditional roofing and installation of Derbigum type waterproofing membranes. WATERPROOF DSL To contact us: [email protected]


. Insulate your home floor with Terradall® MI panels Floor insulation is essential for guarantee its comfort and save energy . When the house is to be built on a median, the panels in expanded polystyrene Terradall® MI of the Placo® brand represent the effective and quick solution to implement to ensure a good thermal insulation . Installed before the slab is poured, these panels resistant to compression and stay insensitive to moisture. For more information, visit CEMEX concretes: website: CEMEX Bétons is the world leader in ready-mixed concrete for professionals and individuals and provides a whole range of products and services adapted to needs, as well as a network of qualified Experensol applicators for the implementation special products. Participation for the show: Path and terrace in Nuantis printed concrete imprint Mayan paved pattern color sandstone slab veranda and chalet in advanci concrete metal slab to facilitate implementation because self-leveling and fiber to avoid the installation of welded mesh the concretes have been delivered to the pump for ease delivery and implementation. SARL COLLOT // [email protected] route de l'Epinoy 89240 Beauvoir Applicator from the Experensol network for decorative concrete. participation for the show: implementation of the imprinted concrete for the path and terrace. progress of the operation Preparation of the formwork, implementation of the concrete and dusting of the release agent before the use of silicone molds to print the chosen pattern (Mayan block). Cemex aggregates: // Decorative gravel, colored sand, with more specific products, CEMEX Granulats offers a wide range of aggregates and complete solutions for landscaping and for any other type of work. Our decorative range extends from gravel to colored sands (white sand, black sand, red sand, etc.), passing through gabion stones and decorative blocks. For your development projects, we are able to offer you several sizes and shapes of colored gravel and gravel (white gravel, red gravel, black gravel ...) and different types of gabions (gabion wall for retaining, decorative gabion, furniture in gabion). On the delivery side (gravel, sand, ...), we offer, at your convenience, different modes (bulk, big bag, direct collection from our sites). participation in the program Delivery of decorative gabions (steel cage filled with aggregate) in the form of a bench filled with white aggregates and aggregates for the planters. There is a wide variety of gabions of garden furniture (bench, shower, planters, low walls, etc.) Burgundy shaded beige tiles 4 dimensions, 11 different prints (copy of old paving) thickness 4 cm Manufacturer: S.A Martial Grux Mail: [email protected] Address: 49 Route de Beaune 21190 Corpeau Tel: Fax: Reseller list: Regis Gauzelin Company 2 rue de l 'Aujon 52210 Saint loup sur Aujon [email protected] tel: SARL M.T.P 21190 Meursault [email protected] tel:


. Supply of all the plants that adorn the beds around the pool. Varied choice of local plants with offset flowering (flower beds all year round) and selection of plants adapted to the Norman climate. POULLAIN Garden Center / Nursery 1 avenue des Platanes 78940 LA QUEUE LES YVELINES 01 34 86 42 99 Facebook: // Youtube: // user / POULLAINTV / featured Turf or roll grass (term more widely known to the general public) NORMANDY GRASS 2 chemin de la forge 27220 CHAMPIGNY LA FUTELAYE Tel: [email protected]


. GRAF all-water tank with Anaerobix prefilter + infiltration trench after tank for wastewater treatment . This tank that we have installed, replaces the old septic tank which was no longer compliant via the communities of municipalities or SPANC (non-collective sanitation service). We also supply and install Micro Sewage Treatment Plants and rainwater collectors. I attach our logo and all the contact details to put on your website + complete Doc of our systems. IDF RAINWATER Mr BRENNER / Port: / Mail: [email protected] WITH BRITTANY RAINWATER Mr GILBERT / Port: / Mail: [email protected] //


. Plancha Prestige 600: Dimensions: - L = 60cm - D = 48cm - H = 27cm Credenza table (Ref: TRCF 46 IP): Dimensions: - L = 119cm - D = 60cm - H = 104cm Two-color serving trolley (TRDF P): Dimensions: - L = 61cm - D = 43cm - H = 73cm FORGE ADOUR Address: 66, avenue du 8 mai 1945, 64100 Bayonne Phone number: 05 59 42 40 88 Website: Mail: [email protected]


. Bright furniture LiveDeco 8, RUE DES GLAIRAUX 38120 SAINT EGREVE Site: // Tel. 01 79 72 50 05 Garden furniture Bora Bora Gray A garden furniture 4 places, comfortable, design and weather resistant. Ibiza Gray Sun Lounger A comfortable sunbath to relax. It is adjustable, stackable and foldable for easy storage. Available in 7 colors. is a site specializing in garden decoration. You will find everything you need to create the ambiance of your dreams in your garden. offers a wide choice of products: low garden furniture, garden furniture for meals, tables, chairs, sunbeds, deckchairs, parasols, arbors, garden decoration, lights for your evening parties. 'summer, ... Products are offered in very fashionable materials for this summer 2014 - woven resin, composite wood, texaline canvas, metal, wrought iron ... Children will not be outdone: eminza has developed a range of outdoor furniture for them and add many products to have fun in the garden: swimming pool, games, inflatable ... Do not forget to consult our range of solar outdoor lights and also LED durawise, ... Enter the Eminza universe, choose and click ! It's so simple to decorate ! EMINZA.COM Facebook: // Pinterest: // Write to us: [email protected] Customer service: 04 50 65 10 12
The Cubrick armchair from the FUGU range is the best seller of the FUGU range. This luminous inflatable armchair recalls the sharp lines of the vintage "club armchair". Around the pool, on your terrace or in your garden. FUGU FUGU® manufactures inflatable furniture that can be personalized and illuminated for your events. Easy to transport, install and store. Our products combine simplicity, quality and design. FUGU® is an expert in the design of inflatable furniture customizable and bright for event professionals and individuals. FUGU® designs and distributes a full range of mass produced and custom made inflatable furniture. FUGU® inflatable furniture has been laboratory tested and designed with high quality materials to guarantee the resistance of the furniture to any test. Our products are easy to transport, simple to store and store. [email protected] 36 Bld Jean Jaurès 92100 Boulogne Billancourt.


. SPOT projection: Code 840675 - Ref 407844: Coat hook spotlight / chrome and mat black bicolor / 1 x GU10 lamp included 50w STARLIGHT Be careful to choose well by region to see the stocks of his store BIGDOME two-color dome XL inflatable suspension. Waterproof and anti UV treatment. Compatible only with the SO LIGHT LI001 cord. D100 / H68cm. IP44 outdoor cord. E socket cover, brushed metal and injected acrylic cover. Equipped with a mains plug. Sold without bulb. Find our film that you tube by clicking on the following link // COREP company creator and manufacturer of lampshades and decorative lighting. Manufacturer of French lampshades in Bègles near Bordeaux (33) You can find our products in most DIY stores. More information on


. 137270 Box of 6 "Caesar" water glasses. 19 cl FAMILY COUNTER candles PARTYLITE, essential player and true decoration expert. Founded in 1973 in the United States, PartyLite is today a global company present in 21 countries which offers a wide choice of high quality fragrances and decoration accessories, with more than a hundred new products each year. Launched in 1999 on the French market, it now generates € 60 million in sales there. Visuals to download here reader info: Facebook page: // GIPSY gray rattan wood basket This GIPSY rattan basket, brand DIXNEUF, offers elegance and resistance. Rattan can be stained (gray, black), varnished or raw (natural) and adapts to all styles of decoration, including the most contemporary. Its qualities and its timeless aesthetic make it a material of choice. Very practical for storing logs near the stove or fireplace, its casters and handles allow very easy handling. Characteristics: Length 42 cm - Depth 42 cm - Height 52 cm - 4 casters Available in black, gray or natural rattan. This product is available in stock or on order in large DIY stores (Leroy Merlin, Castorama, Mr Bricolage, Bricomarché…) Discover the decorative wood storage for DIXNEUF stoves and fireplaces. NINETEEN 1st French manufacturer of solutions for stoves and fireplaces, DIXNEUF perpetuates know-how recognized by a double distribution network: - specialists in wood heating (accessories for Dixneuf design stoves and fireplaces and technical connection solutions, smoke evacuation, distribution of hot air, fresh air inlets and insulation) - large DIY stores (accessories for DIXNEUF brand stoves and fireplaces). Exclusive design, French quality (made in Maine-et-Loire, selection of materials chosen for their resistance, regulatory compliance), permanent innovation constitute the pillars of the brand. 94, rue Nationale 49740 La Romagne UNISTOP WOOD EVO Multilayer paint based on satin alkyd resin for the protection and decoration of wood in solvent phase. RAL 7013 UNIKALO Building paint manufacturer To find our nearest showroom: [email protected] Tel. :