What shelves for my kitchen?

What shelves for my kitchen?

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The kitchen shelf knows how to blend in with the decor

The advantage of the shelf is that it adapts to the size of your kitchen. Both practical and aesthetic, the kitchen shelf is one of your best allies to create a functional kitchen that meets your daily needs. It is a truly decorative storage unit, which you can adapt to the style of your kitchen.

Inexpensive and very classic, melamine is the perfect material for your kitchen shelves. It is easy to clean and resists moisture well. Install melamine boards in your kitchen, on which you can have cups, cooking utensils or even a few jars of loose food.

However, avoid placing heavy objects on your shelves, such as a food processor or a blender.

The kitchen shelf saves you storage space in a small kitchen

Nowadays, more and more apartments are equipped with small kitchens, even kitchenettes. These spaces are sorely lacking in storage. The kitchen shelf is therefore particularly suitable. You can indeed choose a model whose size corresponds to the constraints of the place.

To create harmony in the kitchen, opt for shelves in the same shade as the furniture. Overlay two or three shelves on the same wall section to store utensils, jars, cups and other useful products, to always have on hand. It also frees up space on your work surface.

The kitchen shelf allows you to dress your walls

Kitchen shelves are certainly very useful, but they can also become real decorative objects. In a kitchen whose walls seem too empty to you, you can install shelves as you would hang pictures.

For a Scandinavian decoration, opt for large light wooden shelves whose fixing systems cannot be seen. You can also succumb to the famous String shelf, which will allow you to store dishes and other everyday items.

You can also use your kitchen shelves to install plants, trinkets or even frames ... Arrange everything to create a personal decoration, which looks like you.

The advantage of having open shelvesis that it allows you to proudly display your dishes. Do not hesitate to fall for bowls, plates and other trendy mugs.

The kitchen shelf to have another light source

This is a very useful option that some kitchen designers offer: shelves with LEDs. These provide an additional source of light, which is not negligible in a slightly dark kitchen. Finely placed, the LEDs remain very discreet while illuminating the surface.

If you already have your kitchen installed, it is quite possible to take inspiration from this system. You just need to buy LED light strips in DIY stores (or at Ikea) and fix them under the shelves. Power can be supplied by electrical outlet or by a battery system.

Other alternatives to the wall kitchen shelf

If you are renting, you may not want to pierce your kitchen walls to install shelves. There are a few alternatives, which will allow you to store your kitchen while decorating it.

To give your kitchen an industrial spirit, install one or more metal shelves. Generally composed of 5 or 6 shelves, they offer a large storage space. You can place your dishes, your cooking utensils like your pots and pans, or even your provisions.

Some kitchens are equipped with niche storage. Take advantage of this recessed space to store your belongings, and make it a real decorative element by adding some plants or objects inspired by the world of cooking.

You can also use cube-style modules, in which you can store your cookbooks so you always have them on hand.