Living room: the 3 trendy styles of back to school

Living room: the 3 trendy styles of back to school

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Back to school is here and your living room would like to have a little makeover. To help you avoid the wrong note, we are announcing the styles to adopt urgently. Scandinavian, industrial and exotic atmospheres are at the rendezvous. Decryption.

Scandinavian style

Predominance of white, natural materials, clean lines and geometric shapes, the Scandinavian spirit has indeed taken over the house. Become essential in our traditional interiors, we do not hesitate to bet on it in the living room to bring a cozy, fresh atmosphere, a touch of vintage. Start by choosing light colors like white for your walls, but also pastel tones like sky blue and powder pink. In terms of furniture, favor seating, a coffee table and a blond wooden buffet. Also consider adding here and there some decorative objects with geometric shapes or graphic patterns. A diamond print cushion by Ferm Living, a Bloomingville vase with clean lines, a soft beige carpet offered by AM.PM., and voila! So as not to be mistaken, also go for Ikea to discover their selection of Nordic furniture at low prices!
Photo credit: Ikea

Industrial style

Formerly reserved for lofts - especially American lofts - the industrial style has become a benchmark in our contemporary decor. To adopt this look at home, favor raw materials and sober colors. Start by leaving your brick wall visible if you have one. Otherwise, cheat by buying facing bricks or a wallpaper that imitates them. Then, get a brown leather sofa with an aged look at Product Intérieur Brut, a metal wooden coffee table at La Redoute and why not a magnificent piece of craft furniture found on a flea market. Finally, find a factory pendant, colored or not, in a garage sale or in the Comptoir de Famille shop. The most to perfect the decor: zinc letters that you will find at Kidimo.

Photo credits: La Redoute / Maisons du Monde

The exotic style

Did you like this summer in a colorful version, jungle trend? You will love it in its white version and natural materials this winter. The exotic style is renewed to give us a fresh and exotic face at the start of the new school year. Besides palm trees and tropical plants, start by adopting white, wooden and Zen-style furniture. For the sofa, we prefer fabric to leather, in an ecru or beige color. Side accessories, we put on travel souvenirs like African masks or a Buddha from Asia, preferably white. If you don't have the chance to travel, but you like this style, Maisons du Monde offers very beautiful exotic accessories that are very good. Finally, play with rattan and seagrass for carpets, small poufs, storage baskets and even for the seating of your seats in a braided version. You now have all the keys to adopt these trendy styles from back to school!

Photo credits: Maisons du Monde


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