What colors to adopt for a Provencal style?

What colors to adopt for a Provencal style?

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Adopting the Provencal style is evoking the sun, the singing accent and the landscapes of the South. A warm and cheerful style which - through the judicious choice of colors - recalls the fields of lavender and olive trees, Provencal mas with old exposed stones or the markets with such special scents. The Provencal style takes hold of all the rooms in the house where walls, floors, furniture and decorative items play the card of authenticity.

Ochres to remind Colorado of Provence

Warm and typical of Roussillon, the ocher color has no equal to illuminate the interior decor. Its variation in multiple tones can be admired when one travels the Ocher trails in the heart of the Luberon. This palette is essential from the kitchen to the living room, from the bathroom to the bedroom. From saffron yellow to orange red, the ochres warm the Provencal prints that we naturally choose for linens or even the earthenware of the kitchen and the shower. Ocher is the color of good humor, evocative of Provencal style and markets with mildly spicy scents. You can cover the kitchen floor as well as the living room or the entrance thanks to the terracotta tiles, typical of the southern regions. Ocher is a divine match for a whitewashed wall.

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Blue in shades that smell of lavender

No one can adopt the Provencal style without associating lavender blue and the delicious olfactory memories that it awakens in each of us. Refined, lavender blue brings this essential note of freshness when the sun at its zenith makes the cicadas sing. Placed on the wooden shutters, it magnifies the natural stone walls of Provencal farmhouses and other country houses. Inside, the curtains are adorned with this symbolic color as is the overhead canopy. We can just as well repaint chairs, tables, stools, chests and other small pieces of furniture of yesteryear in Provence blue and play on the different shades of blue to obtain a camaïeu of the most beautiful effect to wake up with some saffron, red and pure white or linen.

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Green, evocative of olive groves

To associate with ocher, the soft green is also inseparable from the Provencal style. By simple touches or more generously used, it brings a note of absolute softness to the interior decor. Provencal green also harmonizes with a bright vanilla yellow and of course with pure white. We can also associate it with lavender blue so symbolic of Provence. Olive green, lavender blue, straw yellow and ocher mingle with mischief in the authentic prints of cushions, duvet covers, tablecloths and towels or even bath sheets. Do not forget, the patterns evocative of our beautiful Provence, and which enliven the breakfast dishes, serving trays, small pots of flowers and other decorative objects: green and mauve for lavender fagots, tender green to dark green for olive branches with delicate berries, rosemary and savory. Cheerful patterns enhanced with a touch of gourmet red, emblematic of the Espelette pepper so dear to Provencal cuisine.

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