Thierry Marx signs a collection of utensils for Habitat

Thierry Marx signs a collection of utensils for Habitat

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Habitat celebrates its 50th anniversary and signs a collaboration with Thierry Marx for the occasion. The starred chef has created with Pierre Favresse, the brand's artistic director, a collection of kitchen utensils that are as beautiful as they are efficient! A line designed under the sign of authenticity and modernity.

Inventive cuisine

You've probably seen it somewhere. Thierry Marx, recognized for his creative and innovative approach to cooking, shares his world through an unexpected collaboration with Habitat. After two years of working with Pierre Favresse, a collection of utensils was born, ranging from a cutting board in solid beech (49 euros) to a cast iron wok (39 euros), passing by a white marble pestle mortar (38 euros). ) and a fillet knife (24.90 euros). An authentic but nevertheless modern line to discover during October 2014 in all the brand's stores.

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Long-term collaboration

In the coming months, other kitchen utensils will see the light of day under the Habitat x Thierry Marx collaboration. Expect to discover other containers, baking utensils and professional knives… We can't wait to be there!
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