Make blackberry jelly yourself

Make blackberry jelly yourself

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In nature, there is something to rejoice and stimulate the taste buds! September is indeed still the harvest month, particularly for small hedge fruits such as blackberries. Armed with a large container and a stick to spread the brambles and warn the small inhabitants of the slopes of your visit, you will go in search of country hedges. The small berries of a deep purple are available to you: all you have to do is pick them, being careful not to stain your clothes! Back home, you can transform them into delicious preparations: crumble, fruit jellies, jelly ... It is this last recipe that we invite you to discover here! In general, the recipe presented is also suitable for blackcurrants and currants. All these small fruits have in common that they are rich in pectin, which allows the jelly to solidify as it cools, without having to resort to gelling products. Difficulty : easy Tools required : - A bowl (ideally made of copper) - Jars - Powdered sugar - Labels - A skimmer (optional)

Step 1 - Pick the blackberries!

Pick, pick up, honor nature which generously offers us these exquisite berries! Target pollution-free areas. Depending on the year and the region, blackberries are picked until the end of September. In general, it is a back-to-school picking to which young and old alike can be invited to fill the containers faster. When picking, take only the ripe fruit and leave those - overripe - that will crush under your fingers.

Step 2 - Put the blackberries in the pot!

Back home, empty the contents of your harvest into a bowl, ideally made of copper for better heat conduction. If necessary, sort the fruits to remove the spoiled ones and to remove the small tails left in the blackberries. Add a glass of water.

Step 3 - Sweat the blackberries

Start a first cooking whose goal is to sweat the blackberries so that they make their juice. Beforehand, add a glass of water to the basin.

Step 4 - Filter the juice

Once the blackberries have returned their juice, pass them through a sieve to collect the juice. The pulp is not lost, other sweet treats await you with the fruit pastes!

Step 5 - Weigh the juice

The weighing of the juice determines the volume of sugar to be added to the preparation to make the jelly.

Step 6 - Weigh the sugar

It couldn't be simpler: just add the same weight of sugar to your juice.

Step 7 - Start cooking

Mix well over low heat and bring to a boil for 25 min.

Step 8 - Prepare your pots

It is not essential to buy pots to make jams. Glass jars (store-bought jams, pickles, beans, etc.) will do just fine when cleaned in hot water. Dry them on a clean cloth.

Step 9 - Put the jelly in jars

It's cooked ! Take a ladle to pour the jelly into the jars. Attention, the preparation is very hot! And if you spill some, go to the next step.

Step 10 - Clean the pots

A sponge stroke will erase the burrs and avoid sticking your fingers afterwards. Be careful, the pots are always boiling!

Step 10 - Turn the jars

To favor the good conservation of your jars of jelly, it is enough, once the lid well fixed, to turn them over. Let them cool in this position then store them upright.

Step 10 - Label the jars

Everything is allowed for labels. The essential information is the variety of the fruit and the year to know which jams to consume first.

Step 10 - Taste!

What can I say other than "taste!"? Homemade jams have an incomparable flavor. Even without a garden, wild picking allows everyone to discover its pleasures and flavors!