Terracotta takes over the house

Terracotta takes over the house

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Natural materials are on the rise and are reinvesting in the different rooms of the house for our greatest happiness! Long relegated to the garden, terracotta is one of those warm and timeless materials that perfectly fit in an interior. It comes from a simple mixture of clay and water which, after firing, forms a porous ocher-colored ceramic. Originally used for the manufacture of tiles or bricks, it is now available in kitchen accessories, sculptures, floor tiles, lighting and various pottery for indoors and outdoors. gives you some secrets to integrate this pretty sunny ceramic into your sweet home, but also to customize it to your taste.

Terracotta is chic

After exploring copper, hemp or rattan, the creators continue to focus on forgotten materials like terracotta. New shapes appear, and the material is reworked so that it is more practical and less fragile for everyday use. On arrival, creative lighting, vases and even small designer furniture! Seduced by the maneuverability of the earth and its particular color, the decoration brands - UareDesign, Rekobo, Nick Fraser decoration - are now embarking on various creations for the whole house. From the floor to the modern design tiles, to the kitchen and its futuristic jugs of water, terracotta is everywhere!

Photo credits: Pepe Tanzi / UareDesign

Terracotta and country-style recovery

If terracotta is again very trendy, it is not however reserved for contemporary design only. The followers of vintage decoration and reclaimed style have never totally forgotten it! Our grandmothers' jars are now becoming umbrella stands for the entrance; the painted plates of the Mediterranean countries invest the walls, and the planters are transformed into small storage for everyday life. The brick red tones blend perfectly with the country style and add a note of authenticity to the room. Leave the objects as they are, without painting or varnishing them, in order to keep their beautiful raw appearance. Their maintenance is simple and stubborn stains will be very easily erased with white vinegar, bleach and even toothpaste!
Photo credit: Nick Fraser

3, 2, 1… customize!

Terracotta pots, so practical as kitchen utensil holders or pencil jars, have the advantage of being very easy to transform. Whether with fabric, rope, masking tape or paint, there are 1,001 ways to personalize your ceramic accessories!

Photo credits: Tomas Kral / Antiquité Brocante