Equip yourself to cook cereals

Equip yourself to cook cereals

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Today, cereals have their place in our diet. They can be eaten at all meals and in different forms. To fully enjoy cereals and their benefits, you need to be well equipped. What are the essential elements for cooking cereals? Here is our selection.

A cooker for perfect cooking

To have perfect rice, the rice cooker is a great asset. Today, models are diversifying and expanding their use. Also on the market we find multifunctional cookers which, in addition to cooking your rice, will help you to make delicious dishes made of spelled, bulgur or quinoa. Our favorites are the Multicuiseur from Philips and the Cookeo from Moulinex.

Homemade cereal bars

Do you like cereal bars? Why not make them yourself? Cereal bars display exorbitant prices in supermarkets and the taste is not always there. To remedy this, Brandt launched in 2010 a machine that allows you to make cereal bars in just 30 minutes! More commercialized to date, you can absolutely find one on a resale site! But know all the same that without this machine you can make succulent cereal bars using a non-stick baking sheet. You will then make an XXL cereal bar to cut according to your hunger.

More traditional

You should know that many grains are cooked in water. To optimize their cooking, you simply have to invest in a fairly large pan. We recommend the cast iron pans which distribute the heat evenly. Many of them even have a non-stick coating. To drain your cereals, forget the colander. Opt for a fine-meshed Chinese that will limit loss. Here ! You have all the keys in hand to cook your cereals.