How to maintain a mixer?

How to maintain a mixer?

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In the field of plumbing and in particular of taps, mixers play an essential role and must therefore be carefully maintained. Indeed, these are often subject to fouling and lime over time, which has the effect of clogging the piping over time. Regular maintenance of taps and mixers is then necessary and a few precautions are necessary to keep the taps in perfect condition. Find more articles on the theme: Plumbing works quotes

The importance of keeping piping clean

Mixers equip sanitary and kitchen sinks, and their main function is to ensure an optimal flow of hot and cold water. For this they must not be clogged or clogged, under penalty of faulty piping and subsequent damage to all of the plumbing in a bathroom and kitchen. It is therefore often advisable for users before installation and mounting, to purge all of the piping to prevent it from clogging and thus rid it of impurities, to ensure ideal pressure of the mixers while avoiding any untimely leakage. The mixer can also be dirty, especially if the tap drains badly, so it should be descaled.

A simple remedy for cleaning blenders

A proven and effective recipe to remove lime residue that clogs mixers, is to mix water and white vinegar, then heat. After precisely identifying the areas where the limestone deposits the most, dip a rag or paper towel in the vinegar mixture and apply it there. This simple and economical solution makes it possible to gently clean mixers and fittings, while avoiding marks on the enamel. It is therefore necessary for optimal maintenance to surround the parts to be cleaned and scaled, then leave to act for at least 2 hours. If necessary, it is necessary to scrape lightly to remove some residue after the operation, then to rinse thoroughly all the piping.

Regular maintenance of parts

The aerator of the taps can sometimes also be subject to limescale and impurities, it must then be unscrewed to clean the grid in order to remove the dirt. It is important for regular maintenance of the mixers, not to use acid and abrasive products, otherwise the parts will be damaged. Likewise, the cartridge should ideally be maintained and lubricated with a special grease for taps at least once a year, to maintain optimal pressure in the piping and prevent leaks. Remember to tighten all the parts of the mixer and install the appropriate O-rings, in order to keep the piping in perfect working order.