Couture: the pretty patterns from Deer & Doe

Couture: the pretty patterns from Deer & Doe

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It has now been two years since the Deer & Doe brand, under the leadership of the young and talented Éléonore Klein, took off and established itself as THE fashion trend in fashion! You don't know yet? It is however the must-have news: 739839 boss right now. Chic and simple to make models ranging from size 34 to 46, intended for both beginners and confirmed! Zoom on a brand that has not finished talking about it!

Deer & Doe brings the news: 739839 up-to-date boss

Eléonore Klein, this is not her first try! After having founded the Thread & Needles couture community, this passionate who likes to imagine new projects and bring people together, has the clever idea of ​​founding Deer & Doe in 2012. The concept ? Talk to sewing enthusiasts and offer them models of patterns to satisfy their passion and creativity. Patterns to make pretty dresses, skirts, blouses, jackets and coats made to measure, which can be obtained from the dedicated shop on the website, for the modest sum of 12.50 euros. You will thus find several models of simple, elegant and modern dresses that have the gift of highlighting all body types such as the timeless Sureau dress or the Belladonna with its superb cutouts in the upper back. The advantage of Deer & Doe patterns? You can use the fabrics of your choice and decline them endlessly. news: 739845 Printed fabric, chambray, plain cotton, with or without belt, add a Peter Pan collar… It's up to you to create the dress that suits you. Convinced? Take the plunge and order your news: 739839 pattern, containing an explanatory booklet with all the stages of making, as well as the news: 739839 pattern of the garment, examples of variations and advice on the choice of fabrics.

A committed brand

More than a simple brand dedicated to the creative leisure that is sewing, Deer & Doe is also a committed brand based on three strong values: French manufacturing, sustainable development and the rejection of one size. Values ​​that stick as closely as possible to the ideals of the founder Eléonore Klein. Thus, all patterns are entirely manufactured and printed in France, in order to promote the development of employment at the national level. In addition, all patterns (plates, pockets and booklets) are printed on recycled paper by a printer labeled Imprim'vert. The site is hosted by an ecologically committed company. Finally, Deer & Doe is also the rejection of one size. For Eléonore Klein, "sewing must be accessible to everyone, that is why the patterns are not limited to the classic SML but cover sizes 34 to 46, and are tested on several types of morphology from the finest to the roundest ".

The phenomenon of Deer & Doe addict

As you can see, more than a trend, Deer & Doe is above all a state of mind. State of mind that attracts, every day, an ever increasing number of followers in France and around the world. Fans of the brand of bosses come together on the Deer & Doe addict site, on Pinterest and on the blogosphere to share their latest achievements and their clothing secrets. This is the case of Paunnet, Sandra's Hand or Merci patrons who, from the Deer & Doe patterns and thanks to a little imagination and creativity reinterpret the pretty bosses of the brand to make them unique and original creations.
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