The Chinese portrait of Iwoodlove

The Chinese portrait of Iwoodlove

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Guillaume Martin and Michaël Damen met at the Boulle school, between two courses of glass blowing, cabinetmaking techniques and product design. Then there was the Arts and Crafts and a period of a dozen years in business. And one day, in 2006, Guillaume Martin created his company, k_now, joined in 2008 by Michaël Damen. They develop together a solid experience in the design of architectural products. Based in Rhône Alpes, they weave a network of quality craftsmen and manufacturers. A good balance was created between trips to customers and work in the workshop. Thus, while retaining its activity of services to industries, k_now develops its own range of products with on the one hand piknik®, an online store of products and on the other hand Iwoodlove®, tailor-made products for projects of space planning. Meeting with two designers to follow… If you were an object, you would be ... An Opinel, the perfect object in its form, its function and its materials, and made in France. If you were a color, you would be ... The color of natural ash.

In their Piknik online store, iwoodlove offers table legs in solid wood or epoxy painted steel - all made in the Rhône-Alpes region - in order to recycle an old tray or create its own table. If you were a chair, you would be ... The Bourwoodlec Steelwood Chair - industrial beauty. If you were a book, you would be ... The 4 Toltec chords of Miguel Ruiz. If you were a movie, you would be ... Blade runner by Ridley Scott.

For a few months, iwoodlove has been developing a wood module: My Cabin. Wood frame module built locally, like a house, with healthy and quality materials that can create different spaces: an office, a guest bedroom, a painting workshop in a garden. Two examples in photos in a garden around Lyon and on a barge in Lyon. If you were a lamp, you would be ... A light bulb with its Nud wire. If you were a country, you would be ... France for its quality of life. If you were a famous monument, you would be ... A realization of Tadao Ando.
L'Arche is an "office cabin". A freestanding structure in oak or solid ash, the Ark allows you to create in an open space, for example, sub-spaces with an acoustic screen. If you were a city, you would be ... Salt Lake City, our 2nd home. If you were a subject, you would be ... Wood. If you were a smell, you would be ... The scent of petrol and oil from the motorcycle in the garage.