A mattress and box spring to dress your nights from head to toe

A mattress and box spring to dress your nights from head to toe

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Like every fall, Simmons publishes its Rendez-Vous bedding set. A limited edition edition of mattresses and box springs that combine high technology and comfort. This year, the number 1 in French bedding has joined forces with Anne De Solène, for a 100% French duo. Do not miss !

Technology, well-being and comfort at the "Rendez-Vous"

Since 1929, Simmons has shared the intimacy of the French by offering them mattresses with optimum comfort. The Rendez-Vous 2015 collection is part of this heritage, with a high-quality mattress and box spring, combining technology, well-being, comfort and style. Technology of course, with a mattress made up of Sensoft Evolution® pocket springs, invented by Simmons, which offer the best in terms of reception and body support and a filling in viscoelastic memory foam. Well-being then, with a hypoallergenic mattress, anti-mite and anti-mold treatment, which follows the natural forms of the body and relieves pressure points. Comfort finally, thanks to the No Flip® system, a system which makes it unnecessary to turn your mattress every season. The first face of the mattress provides air-conditioned comfort and the second offers self-ventilation and temperature regulation in all seasons.

"Date" with style

A sleek headboard, Noceti, accompanies the Rendez-Vous set, and new this year, Simmons has teamed up with the famous household linen brand Anne De Solène. Known for over 40 years for its French Touch, the house delivers collections of authentic, refined and timeless bed linen each year. A duo 100% made in France, which allows you to benefit from the Anne De Solène Tropic set for 1 € for the purchase of a Rendez-Vous * set. So to dress your nights from head to toe, come and discover the Rendez-Vous 2015 set in one of the stores participating in the operation during the limited series from October 20, 2014 to January 5, 2015.
Practical information - Mattress: € 799 (including € 4 eco-participation) - Box spring (ticking or decoration): € 439 (including € 4 eco-participation) - Sweet Dreams pack: € 99 * See offer conditions and the list of participating stores here