How to use wood ashes in the garden?

How to use wood ashes in the garden?

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Do you have a fireplace? Do you use it regularly? Instead of throwing your ashes, keep them! They will be very useful in your garden. Indeed, there are many ways to use wood ashes in the garden. It was while talking with Sylvie, who works at Gamm vert, that we discovered all the virtues of wood ash. Today we share them with you!

Why should we keep wood ashes for the garden?

Wood ash is very beneficial for the garden. They can play a role of fertilizer without attacking plants or polluting the environment. Wood ash is naturally rich in minerals such as calcium or magnesium. They can be used anywhere in the garden and their powers are very impressive.

Can we use wood ash on all flowers?

Of course ! You can use wood ash on all flowers, even the most fragile. Wood ash is naturally rich in potash, the latter has the ability to promote the development of flowers or fruits. The ashes are to be used all year long on your flowers but only in spring, as soon as the frosts have ended, for your fruits. They are arranged at the feet of your plants.

Is it possible to use the ashes in the vegetable garden?

It depends on the wood. In general, we do not recommend the use of wood ash in the vegetable patch. Indeed, one must be certain of the origin of the wood. The latter should not be treated or painted, it must be 100% natural if you want to use it as a fertilizer. Also be aware that ashes are used sparingly in the vegetable patch, but they are just as beneficial.

Do wood ash have a pesticidal action?

Yes, but it remains very limited. Wood ash works mainly against gastropods, that is, slugs and snails. It is therefore useful to make an ash barrier around the vegetable garden or between the salad aisles. Against insects, wood ash is ineffective.

Can wood ash be used in compost?

Wood ash is natural, so it can be placed in a compost. The advantage is that the ashes will speed up composting.

How to properly use the ashes in your garden?

To optimize the benefits of wood ash, natural wood should be favored. Keep your ashes in a dry place and when you want to place them in the garden, use a sieve. By keeping only the finest ashes, you will boost their efficiency.

Do you have any other advice?

Yes, we have talked a lot about the ashes of the fireplace but you can very well burn your dead or cut branches. Make sure to respect all security measures, but also any circulars in force in your municipality.