How I saved my wallet: the scented candles

How I saved my wallet: the scented candles

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The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are getting rougher, autumn has indeed settled. To warm us up, we obviously think of the scented candles that transform our interior into a real cozy cocoon. If our hearts speed up at the sight of the sublime candles signed Diptyque, their price approaching 45 euros often stops us in our tracks. Fortunately for us, there are many others, all equally pretty and gourmet, but at low prices! We invite you to discover our 8 favorites. Refreshing, exotic or cocooning, the scented candles are a real invitation to travel and relax. This winter, we add one in the living room, another in the bathroom and a last one in the bedroom. Not always cheap, so we went this week in search of scented and decorative candles for less than 10 euros. A walk in the middle of Japanese cherry trees, a sweet emanation of rose or a little gingerbread delicacy, we will let you fall in love!
1. The Scented scented candle, € 9.95 at Natives / 2. The gingerbread scented candle, € 9.80 at Marschalle / 3. The artisanal pink scented candle, € 9.90 at La Belle Toilette / 4. The scented candle Je suis gourmande, € 9.95 at Nocibé / 5. The scented candle, € 7.99 at H&M Home / 6. The scented candle Halo, € 7.99 at Fly / 7. The scented candle Flärdfull, 3 , € 99 at Ikea / 8. The scented candle, € 4.99 at Delamaison


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