The Louis Vuitton foundation by Frank Gehry

The Louis Vuitton foundation by Frank Gehry

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After more than twenty years of patronage and the opening of two cultural spaces, the LVMH house takes a step closer to art with the opening of the Louis-Vuitton Foundation. Sponsored by the billionaire Bernard Arnaud and imagined by the American architect of international renown Frank Gehry, this gigantic glass vessel, posed at the edge of the Jardin d'Acclimatation is in everyone's opinion, as much a technical feat as a concentrate emotion. If the building is today the first artistic gesture implemented by the Foundation, the artistic approach to come, which began with its opening to the public on October 27, will assert itself with the same determination. The Foundation will devote itself above all to art in movement, to creation.

An exceptional building

It took more than a decade, 1.5 million hours of study, a lot of technological prowess and other patent applications for this new monument dedicated to contemporary art to see the light of day. . With a total developed area of ​​11,000 m², of which 7,000 m² is accessible to the public, the Frank Gehry building offers 11 galleries dedicated to the presentation of collections, artists' interventions and temporary exhibitions, an auditorium with modular configurations of a capacity of 360 to 1000 people, and terraces which enjoy exceptional panoramas of Paris, La Défense and its surroundings. The objective of the Foundation? Fully register in the Parisian landscape and become an international benchmark in the years to come.

A technological challenge

From the 19th century, the architect retained only the transparent lightness of the glass and the taste of the promenade punctuated by surprises. Built on a brownfield site, the building has as many forms as the different points of view that we put on it. From the invention of curved glass to the nearest millimeter for the 3,600 Saint-Gobain glass panels of the twelve sails of the Foundation, to the 19,000 ducal panels (fiber concrete) all different, offering the iceberg its immaculate whiteness, without forgetting an unprecedented 3D design process developed by Frank Ghery, each stage of construction has pushed the limits of coded architecture to invent a unique building to match a dream.

An inauguration in 3 phases

The inauguration of the Louis Vuitton Foundation, which takes place in three phases, from October 2014 to September 2014, is an opportunity, through an exhibition dedicated to the Frank Gehry building, to look back on the many stages that have marked out the construction of this extraordinary architectural building. Alongside the original drawings, visitors are invited to discover, for the first time, all of the models produced during the project. Organized in groups, they retrace the study of the different aspects of the building: registration on the site, interior space, volume of the glass sails, etc. By continuing the visit, spectators will also be able to discover, in the center of the gallery, a model large dimensions entitled "1: 50 Confirmations Model, which" constitutes an essential link between physical representations and digital models of the project ", according to Frédéric Migayrou, curator of the exhibition. Primordial during the construction of this architectural masterpiece, the role of the IT tool is also addressed, as is the importance of research and development efforts that have enabled the development of Ductal and glass panels. . Unique in its kind, this exhibition allows you to understand the stages of construction of a building of this scale, while offering an immersion in the creative universe of Frank Gehry.
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