How does crop rotation in the vegetable patch work?

How does crop rotation in the vegetable patch work?

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Having a vegetable garden, what happiness! It allows us to have seasonal fruits and vegetables, but also to make pretty savings. In the kitchen, products from the vegetable garden seduce us with their taste. But before taking advantage of all these good products, you must take care of your vegetable garden. And for that, nothing like crop rotation. How it works ? This is what we asked Jean-Louis, a farmer who offers organic fruits and vegetables in the Anjou region.

What is crop rotation?

Crop rotation involves delimiting plots in your vegetable patch and alternating crops from one year to the next. This practice is highly recommended because it is beneficial for soils and plants. On my farm, I actively practice crop rotation.

What are the benefits of crop rotation in the vegetable patch?

Crop rotation reduces or even avoids the amount of pesticides used. As a producer of organic fruits and vegetables, I do not use them and crop rotation is a big advantage. Thanks to this technique, fruits and vegetables have more taste and the soil is cleaned up. Crop rotation reduces disease and the presence of pests.

How to successfully rotate your crops?

To successfully rotate your crops, you must be attentive to the nature of the vegetables and the season. Group the vegetables according to their category: leaf vegetables (cabbage, salads), root vegetables (carrot, radish) and legumes (beans, peas). If you want to incorporate fruit vegetables such as tomatoes, you can combine them with legumes. Then determine 4 plots of identical size. Each category of vegetables will therefore have a delimited space and a plot will remain unused. Make your plantations and the following year alternate the plots.

Does crop rotation affect all plants?

No, all so-called perennial plants such as artichokes must not be included in the crop rotation. They are to be placed away from other plants.

How to optimize the quality of vegetables?

By opting for crop rotation, you are already improving the taste of your vegetables. But you can optimize your vegetable garden by using natural fertilizers, by maintaining your plots well and above all by respecting the seasons.

Do you have any advice to give us for a successful crop rotation?

Yes, always set your aromatic plants apart. Also be aware that on the Internet or through gardening applications, you can find calendars that will help you in your crops. You will be able to note there your plantations and the diseases from which they were victims. Finally after harvest, store your vegetables well. Make jars, freeze them ...